“Lost Girl” stars spill Season 2 secrets, talk sexuality at Comic Con


The new season of the Canadian supernatural series Lost Girl will focus three Fs: “Fun, friendship and fornication.” So said series creator Michelle Lovretta who, along with stars Anna Silk and Emmanuelle Vaugier, came to Comic-Con last weekend to talk about TV’s best (fine, only) show about a bisexual succubus.

The series debuted in Canada last year and amassed a loyal audience and large fanbase of lesbian and bisexual women because of the relationship between lead character Bo (Silk) and her human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer).

The series, which explores the hidden world of the fae – supernatural beings who live among humans while feeding benevolently or malevolently off them – was recently picked up by the American network SyFy, which will begin air its first and upcoming second seasons. While no official U.S. airdate has been set yet, series producers expect it to begin sometime in January on SyFy. The second season will begin Sept. 4 on Canada’s Showcase network.

The show’s representation of bisexuality and Bo and Lauren’s relationship (lovingly given the shipper name Doccubus by fans) came up during the panel discussion. Bo also has a relationship with Dyson, a wolf shifter who works as a police officer.

Silk said of the love triangle:

What does appeal to people are the relationships. And I love that Bo has this love triangle that is a lot more complicated than most love triangles. The relationship with Lauren is a really special one and a really important one for Bo. Zoie Palmer, who plays Lauren, is amazing to work with and just captures Lauren so well. I love that it’s such a real relationship and you really see a lot more of that in Season 2. I can’t wait for you guys to see it.

More Bo and Luaren? Yes, please and thank you. In fact, we’ll be seeing a lot more of all the characters, thanks to an expanded 22 episode order for the second season. The first season was 13 episodes.

Executive producer Jay Firestone said the sexual elements to the show, including Bo’s orientation, made it a tougher sell at first with networks. But after its first season aired in Canada, three American channels were vying to the rights to air the show stateside. SyFy has said it won’t make any cuts to the show’s sexual content, though some foul language may be bleeped.

Series creator Lovretta said while the show is very sexual, it wasn’t done so for mere titillation. They wanted Bo’s bisexuality to be matter of fact, and not a source of angst or struggle.

The point with Bo’s sexuality, at least from my point of view, was for that not to be the point of the show. We’ve worked very hard at it being not something that’s ever discussed, not something any character has an opinion or cares about because they shouldn’t. She’s allowed to be who she is …. The heart of Bo is about love, not about that (points to pants), it’s about this (points to heart). Hopefully people will see that and embrace that.

Season 2 promises more exploration of all of all of Bo’s complex relationships, Silk said on the panel.

That triangle definitely gets explored further in season two. There are a lot of changes for Bo. But we definitely see more of Bo and Dyson and more of Bo and Lauren as well. I love that. It’s not highlighted that there are bisexual relationships, they’re just relationships.

And just when you thought this show couldn’t get more fun and addictive, comes news that Lovretta created it with the Bechdel Test in mind. That’s why Bo also has a close and constructive relationship with Kenzi (played by Ksenia Solo), her human sidekick and best friend.

That’s something that’s important. That you are able to just be a chick and talk with another ones and it might involve things other than occasionally the guy. For me, the most important relationships in my life, a lot of them have been my friendships. I see a lot of shows on TV where I don’t recognize my friendships in high school, in college. I don’t see the solidarity, I don’t see the support. I see a lot of cattiness and I wasn’t that girl, I didn’t know that girl.

A hot bisexual succubus show that cares about strong female friendships? God bless Canada. So, excited for the second season, Lost Girl fans? Interested in catching the first when it airs, newcomers?

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