“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (2.03): Will you be my LLBFF?


Look, it’s sailors. Wow, this show really is trying to appeal more to gay men. Amid all the patriotic revelry, a man in very white pants does something very bad to a woman in very high heels. Welcome to Boston’s Fleet Week. Det. Jane Rizzoli is none too pleased with all the sailor boys making eyes at her Dr. Maura Isles. When one tries to flirt with her lady, Jane summarily shoos him away from the car saying Maura is “too young” for him. Too young or too gay? You say potato, I say too gay.

Jane and Maura have taken Mama Rizzoli out to brunch. Maura is so into being a good future daughter-in-law this season. She let Jane’s mom move into her guest house. She bought Jane’s mom’s horrendous painting for $500. And now she took Jane’s mom out to the gayest meal of all – Sunday brunch. You’d think she was building up to ask Mama Rizzoli permission for some sort of really big, really life-altering step that is now also legal in New York.

But before she can pop any sort of question, Mama R’s car starts to rumble and smoke. Stupid Buick. It probably voted yes on Proposition 8. Jane and Maura get out to see what’s amiss and, what’s this? Jane is wearing heels? Looks like Maura isn’t the only one trying to butter up her mom in preparation for a big announcement. They start to push the car, but then some sailors offer to do it for them. Jane seems somewhat reluctant – gotta keep up the butch street cred – but relents because even Det. Jane Rizzoli has to admit it’s hard to push a car in heels.

But what she seems much more upset about is the fact that the sailor called her “ma’am.” You see, she’d rather be addressed a little differently. “Sir is a sign of respect. Ma’am is for fat old cat ladies,” she tells Maura. Whatever you say, sir.

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