“All My Children” Lesbian recap: Can I go get ice cream now?


Every day that Minx is on All My Children, I thank the soap goddess that Lorraine Broderick and Agnes Nixon are back.

Before we look at the last episode, however, a little news: Daytime Confidential reports that the rumor of All My Children‘s online version starting September 26 was grossly exaggerated. January 2012 is a more realistic target for the series premier, according to the site.

Apparently, new rights holder Prospect Park was as surprised as we were by reports that AMC online would start three days after the TV version ends. The company does plan to make a go of taking AMC and One Life to Live online, but needs more time to make it happen. If Daytime Confidential is correct, the new producers have asked Broderick and Nixon to end AMC‘s network run with a life-or-death cliffhanger, so we won’t know who lives and who dies. That way, any actors who choose not to continue with the online series can be explained away.

Personally, I hope the report is correct. I would much rather see the online AMC start right so it will have a real chance to survive. In any case, we’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Meanwhile, Minx is going strong, with the writing better than ever.

JR has been drunk for days, although who knows how long that is in soap time. As usual, he barges in to tell AJ that Marissa prefers a woman to a manly man like him. That forces Marissa into telling AJ what’s up before she’s quite ready.


AJ is about as animated as a tree stump, but I love the way this scene is written. We worry ourselves sick on how kids will react to things when all they really care about is that they can still have ice cream. And love, of course.

Bianca follows JR to try to talk him down a little. She knows him well enough to realize how bull-headed he is, but she does care about him. Again, the writing is spot on.


Preach it, Binx.

JR can’t let things drop, though. His ever-present machismo turns even more obnoxious under the influence. And AJ wants nothing to do with it.


Then a gift: A private Minx moment.


Could they be any cuter, with the note rubs and the head bumps and the eye sex? Sigh.

Watch the full episode at Hulu or ABC and the latest Minx clips on YouTube.

Did you love this AMC episode as much as I did? When do you think we’ll get to see Minx move to the next level?

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