Sarah Michelle Gellar is a big “Ringer” at Comic-Con


The artist formerly known as Buffy is back, baby. Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to series television with her new show, Ringer, and was at Comic-Con yesterday to give the world a sneak peek. Think twins, intrigue, stolen identities and lots of men after her attention, head and/or love.

After eight years away from TV, Geller returns doing double duty in a film-noirish series about twins with secrets and lies in their past and future. Confused? Watch the trailer.


At her Comic-Con panel, Gellar acknowledged that the show isn’t trying to be another Buffy the Vampire Slayer — nothing can be. But she hoped her fans from her days slaying vampires would follow her on her new adventure, she said in the Entertainment Weekly-moderated panel.

When you have a show like Buffy that was so perfect, you’re not looking for a show to top it. You’re not looking for show that’s completely different. We wouldn’t exist without fans. We wanted to come back and do a show that fans would love that would be different but still exciting.

So how else is the Ringer different from Buffy? “Gellar joked, “I got to shoot a gun and Buffy never got a gun.” And, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she spoke about her two characters’ motivations.

The way I look at it is Bridget’s story is of redemption and that’s what motivates her and everything she does. Siobhan’s story is a story of revenge and what motivates her, and to me, that seems very different because Buffy’s motivations were so different. Neither Siobhan nor Bridget wants to save the world.

So, will you follow Gellar to her new show even if she won’t be saving the world this time?

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