“All My Children” Lesbian Recap: Like father, like son


I think All My Children knew our heads would explode if we didn’t have time to recover from all the wonderful Minx-ness lately. So yesterday, we got the other side of the story – just as important, but not as much fun.

Marissa, still in super-fast processing mode, returned to the Chandler mansion to pack up her things and move out. Scott wonders what’s up.


You can almost hear Scott’s thoughts when Marissa says she’s in love with someone else. “Me-me-me, please me-me-me!” Sorry, Scotty.


He does seem genuinely happy for her. I don’t know Scott’s story, but he seems to take after his wonderful dad, Stuart. I miss Stuart.

One thing some of you have noticed is that Marissa keeps saying things like “Maybe I was forcing it” when she talks about being with JR. Does this open the possibility that she’s been with women in the past and was trying to be straight? I’m unconvinced so far, but we’ll see. That would certainly explain how quickly she’s changing her life in order to be with Bianca.

Drunk JR is a lot like his dad Adam, too. Just as you predicted, JR drunk is not nearly as open-minded as JR sober.


I hope JR gets back to AA before he makes real trouble for Marissa. She seems strangely unconcerned about AJ — but maybe she’s processed that at super speed, too.

Once Marissa leaves, Scott and JR go at it. I really don’t like this conversation, but it may be important in what’s to come.


In AMC casting news, we learned yesterday that Alexa Havins, who played Babe, is returning for a guest appearance before the show leaves ABC September 23. Babe, who died onscreen after being injured in The Big Tornado, is Marissa’s twin sister and Bianca’s former BFF and JR’s former wife and AJ’s mom. No word on whether she’ll return as a ghost or as one of David’s Orpheus zombies, but the return promises to be entertaining.

What did you think of this AMC episode? Do you think JR will cause real trouble for Marissa? How do you think Babe will return?

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