The women we care about at Comic Con


The Hollywood Reporter has a very pretty, very blonde photospread and roundtable with “TV’s 6 Most Women Wanted at Comic-Con.” Now, we all love Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Morrison, Britt Robertson, Yvonne Strahovski and (resident non-white chick) Maggie Q, but there are so many other ladies that are worth our time in San Diego this week.

Even if you can’t attend the annual geek gathering, there are so many ways to follow the panels, parties and scoop. Here’s who we’ll be watching for.

Anna Silk

The star of Lost Girl will be on hand for a Friday panel where she’ll hopefully spill some details on Bo’s Season 2 relationship with Dr. Lauren (Zoie Palmer).

Annalee Newitz

The San Francisco-based editor of the sci-fi Gawker blog will discuss “Sci-fi That Will Change Your Life” on Thursday. She should know — she’s the expert.

Felicia Day

The Guild creator and star is doing double duty this year, with a panel on “The Evolution of Web Series” and an appearance at the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on Sunday.

Elizabeth Sarnoff

The out TV producer will discuss her new Fox show Alcatraz, which she developed with her Lost cohort JJ Abrams. She told The Hollywood Reporter attendees will get to see the pilot in full.

Amber Benson

Forever in our hearts as Tara from Buffy, we are always happy to see Amber pursuing her other love of the written word. She’ll be talking about her Calliope Reaper Jones novels on the Thursday panel “Books vs. Graphic Novels and Comics.”

Amber Nash

The actress who voices lesbian HR director Pam on Archer will join her co-stars for a screening and Q&A. Did you know she also voiced characters on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Frisky Dingo?

Aisha Tyler

Also a voiceover star of Archer, Aisha will likely bring the laughs to the Q&A, as she is first and foremost a brilliant stand-up comic.

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