“All My Children” Lesbian Recap: The look of love


All My Children had the nerve to focus on stories besides Minx on Friday, but the couple was back Monday. After the years of vanishing lesbians on AMC, we’re always relieved to see them.

Marissa is setting speed records in coming out to her family. She tells JR she loves Bianca even before she tells Bianca. And she does not pass Go or collect $200, but lands at Krystal’s to talk to her mom.


I wasn’t watching AMC when Marissa showed up, so I’m not sure how she and Krystal reconciled the whole “you sold me as a baby” history, but I really like the mixture of dread and fear and hope on Marissa’s face as she talks to her mom.


Say what you will about Krystal, but she has always been intuitive.

The move from straight to les/bi has seemed very fast, but soap opera time always is tricky. Seems Marissa definitely has the lesbian processing part down.


Yes, she really is.


OK, Krystal is a bit too idealistic here, but the whole scene is very sweet. I wish this happened more often in real life. And, honestly, the way Bianca and Marissa light up the room when they see each other, maybe the haters will just fade away.


I was about to ask for a gif of that, but decided to look in the forum first. As always, seriam knows exactly what we want to watch over and over. (I am unable to embed it here for some reason – sorry about that.)

Then the best Minx scene yet. We haven’t gotten to see Binx fall in love for a long, long time.


I love love. Sigh.

You can find other versions of these clips at OneMoreLesbian.com and this YouTube channel, and full episodes are posted at ABC and Hulu.

What did you think about this episode? Have we ever seen Bianca this happy?

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