Brittana end the Glee! Live! tour with a kiss


Say what you will about Glee. You may not like the show. You may not like the singing. But you have to admit the cast is good to their fans. So good, in fact, that they’re happy to go off and beyond script to give the fans what they really want. Like, for instance, a kiss between Santana and Brittany.

At the finale Glee! Live! In Concert! tour stop Sunday night in Dublin, reigning Hot 100 No. 1 and 2 gave fans the kiss they’d been clamoring for all season. Naya Rivera and Heather Morris shared a brief smooch, to the delight of the crowd and pretty much the entire Internet. It was during a skit featuring Blaine and Kurt. Stuff gets good at the 1:10 mark.


Sure, it lasted only a second. But that kiss sparked the worldwide trending topic THEY KISSED on Twitter, which was still going strong more than 12 hours after news of the kiss broke. The couple’s portmanteau, Brittana, also trended. Oh, and Chris Colfer and Darren Criss also kissed in the skit. But they’ve kissed before on screen. So, you know, no need for all caps there, even though it was adorable.

In case you missed the conversation, what with all your squealing with delight, here is a transcript of the conversation that lead to the kiss that made Tumblr explode. Brittany comes on stage to flirt with Blaine, who tells her he is taken. And then Santana arrives out of nowhere:

Santana:  Hi, I just heard that you wanted to kiss someone [points at Blaine] and you’re taken.

Blaine: Yeah.

Santana: I’ll kiss you Britt.

Brittany: Okay I’ll close my eyes.

Blaine: Just do it.

Santana: Ready? Are you guys ready? One, two, three. [They kiss. Then hug.]

Brittany: I love her, bye.

Then they ran off stage together and lived happily ever after. Or, at least that’s what happened in my head.

Man, could you imagine if the kiss was included in the upcoming concert movie? Brittany and Santana smooching in 3D? The internet wouldn’t just freak out. I think it might actually end. I just hope all the new Glee writers were paying attention. If a peck can trend for 12 hours, just imagine what a big on-screen kiss could do. Now we just need the scripts to match reality. 

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