10 Things You Need to Remember Before Tonight’s “Pretty Little Liars”

5) Spencer, like, invented period costumes, you know what I mean?

Spencer Hastings is one half of the dynamic crime fighting team called Scooby and Shaggy, wherein she is Shaggy and Aria is Scooby. They are both absolute shit at sleuthing. One time Spencer made out with her sister’s boyfriend, Ian. Then Ian and Melissa got back together. Then they got married. Then he impregnated her with his demon spawn. Then it came to light that he’d been filming the Liars through their windows since they were children. Then Spencer tried to confront him. Then he tried to kill her. Then someone mysterious person in a hoodie killed him instead. Whatever, though. Spencer’s things are: a) Her desperately sexy voice. b) Her desperately sexy brain. c) Her hats.

6) I have this theory that if you cut off Aria’s hair, she’d look like a British man

Aria’s number one feeling is that she is in love with her literature professor and he loves her back. Their affair hasn’t been consummated, but they have worn paper bags on their heads and taken a website page photo together. Aria’s mother is Piper from Charmed. In season two, it is time for her to breakout some magic.

7) The Liars’ parents aren’t like regular parents, they’re cool parents

The Liars’ parents are the worst thing. Hanna’s mom is a bank robber, Aria’s dad is an adulterer, Spencer’s parents think she’s delusional, and Emily’s mom almost poisoned her girlfriend.

8) I know it may seem like Mona is being a bitch, but that’s only because she is acting like a bitch.

Mona is Hanna’s BFF outside of the Liars. One time she had a glamping (glamor + camping) party in the woods where Hanna was gunned down by A. Mona’s greatest aspirations are: a) Homecoming queen. b) To crawl inside Hanna’s clothes and live there with her forever, skin to skin. c) To make a skin suit out of Hanna’s skin and wear it around like a coat.

9) JennaBot may seem like your typical selfish, back-stabbing slut faced ho-bag, but in reality, she’s so much more than that.

JennaBot is Toby Cavenaugh’s step-sister. Toby Cavenaugh is also known as Boo Radley Van Cullen. He is a vampire. JennaBot is a Cylon. They used to have sex. Then Toby loved Emily, but realized he was barking up the wrong lesbian. Now Toby loves Spencer. JennaBot is blind because Alison threw a firecracker at her face one time while the Liars watched in horror. JennaBot is a flute-playing creepster with the strength of a hundred armies. Only three sentences in this whole paragraph are true.

10) We can assign someone to butter your muffin.

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