“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.22 – “Unaccompanied Minor”


Welcome to the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Unaccompanied Minor.” When we last tuned in, Alex told Owen that Meredith had tampered with the Alzheimer’s trial and the race for Chief Resident was still underway.  Let’s see what happens!

Meredith and Derek are working on their dream house. (They should sue their contractor for taking so damn long to finish it.)  Derek chalks out a baby’s room to show the social worker where the baby will sleep. The social worker seems to approve and the McDreamys are one step closer to adopting Zola.

Meredith and Derek arrive at the hospital, and while Meredith goes off to take care of another Alzheimer’s patient Owen pulls Derek aside to talk to him about his trial. Derek wants to include Meredith in the conversation, but Owen insists that speak privately. Uh-oh, Meredith’s in trouble.

Teddy stops by Henry’s hospital room to say goodbye before she heads off to Germany with Andrew. Henry tries to shame Teddy into staying in Seattle with him instead of running off with the more successful, better looking and healthier guy. (Look, I’m gay and even I’d chose Andrew over Henry.) Teddy reminds Henry that she’s not really his wife and Henry responds by calling Teddy his best friend. I think his definition of a “best friend” means something different than mine.

Derek drags Meredith to see the Chief so she will confess what she has done to the Alzheimer’s trial. Meredith refuses to tell either of them what exactly happened. The Chief insists he will investigate to find out the truth and then he threatens to fire Meredith. If Meredith gets fired, will they have to change the name of the show? If so, I vote for Yang’s Anatomy.

Meredith tracks down Alex to punch him in the face confront him and says she wants him out of her house by the end of the day. Suddenly, everyone’s pagers go off. These doctors need to buy iPhones. There has been a plane crash and the 200 passengers are coming to Seattle Grace Hospital for medical care. As Owen passes out orders, Cristina begs him to tell her what happened to Meredith. Owen tells Cristina that he doesn’t know exactly what happened but that the Alzheimer trial is invalid. The plane crash has delayed Teddy’s flight to Germany so she stops by to see Henry once again. Doesn’t she have any other patients to check on? Teddy explains that Henry’s surgery has been cancelled to make room for those who are more gravely injured.

Cristina confronts Alex and delivers the best line of the season, “You know Meredith is the only one that ever gave a rat’s ass about you and now you might have destroyed her career. You should find some skanky intern to love you because the next time you are in a burning building no one is handing you a glass of water.”

Suddenly the families of the plane victims have arrived and there is mass chaos. Everyone wants answers but the injured plane passengers have not yet arrived.  Lexie tries to keep order by making them all sign in.

Alex tracks down Owen and tries to convince him that he was drunk the night before and what he said about Meredith wasn’t true. Alex didn’t want Meredith to get fired he just didn’t want her to be awarded the Chief Resident position. Owen snaps at Alex, “If you didn’t think this through, then you are as dumb as she is.”

Bailey is all shaken up from the plane crash and Eli comforts her. (I really like them together.)

The passengers from the plane crash have still not arrived so Cristina is evaluating a young woman who can’t remember when she last had her period. Then Cristina freaks out and runs off. Two seconds later, Cristina’s legs are up in the stirrups and Dr. Hottie is doing an ultrasound on her six-week old fetus. What? Cristina is visibly upset and so am I. Dr. Hottie asks if she wants to discuss the options and an annoyed Cristina says no because she’s already made up her mind.

The doctors are still waiting around for the plane crash victims to arrive. Mark explains to Lexie that the plane crashed into the water so it’s going to take time for the police officers to fish all the passengers out. Mark, Callie and Arizona ask Owen to tell them who the new Chief Resident will be. Arizona votes for Alex and Callie thinks it’s going to be Meredith. (I have a feeling April will take the top prize.)

The Chief finds Alex sulking and orders him to write up a report of everything he saw Meredith doing so he can figure out how she tampered with the trial.

Mark walks up to Avery and offers a verbal olive branch.

Mark: You’re a good man, Avery. Lexie’s yours. Take her. Take care of her. I’ll stay out of your way.

Avery: I already have her but thank you.

Even at his best Mark still acts like Lexie is his property. Mark is a direct descendant of the Neanderthals.

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