Great LezBritain exclusive: New characters, new drama in Season 2 of “Lip Service”


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We know you’ve missed Lip Service. It’s been
difficult for us all. We’ve all been going about our lives like normal
lesbians, but inside our heads we’ve had questions. Endless questions. Like, Frankie or DS Murray? Can
Tess keep her acting job? Is Sadie still swaggering around the streets of
Glasgow dressed as Pocahontas? Will Frankie’s new mum take her to the park?
Will Cat ever get that bloody tea stain out of the carpet?

Unfortunately, BBC3 and Kudos have announced that you’ll have to wait until
2012 for these answers to be revealed on your screens.Yes, that is a long time. But let’s focus on
the second, more positive part of their announcement; the streets of Glasgow
are once again awash with above average beautiful women because series two
filming is underway. The show is definitely back.

Here’s what writer and show creator Harriet Braun has to say:

I’m delighted that this second series has given me a chance to develop more compelling stories for our
characters as well as mixing things up with some new and intriguing faces.

Note the use of the words “develop” and “compelling” and “intriguing.” We’re excited by these words.

Derek Wax, executive producer, Kudos Film and Television added, “The world and
characters Harriet created captured peoples imaginations in a way we could never have
anticipated.  It is so exciting to be back in Glasgow working with her,
our tremendous cast and such an amazing Scottish team on the second series.”

Last year, Lip Service became the most
talked about show, with the highest amount of internet traffic ever for a
broadcast on BBC3. And let’s not be modest about this, we all know that this is
in large part because you Lip Servants logged on and created a delightful
online community around the show. You Tweeted, Facebooked, iPlayered, tumbld
and blogged and powerful people listened and responded. If we’re honest, you all
have far too much time on your hands, but let’s overlook this and just say,
well done, one and all.

Once again we will be your eyes and ears for series two, bringing you all of
the best chat and gossip from Lip Service towers. Here are the first five
important things that we feel you must know about series two right now.

Most of the original cast is back

Let’s do the register shall we? Frankie/ Eleanor? Present. Cat-the-cheater?
Present. Lovely little Tess? Present. The Hot Cop? Present. The Artful
Dodgeress. Present. Ed-the-fist? Present. Jay-germeister? Present. Lou? Lou?
Lou? Hmm no sign of Lou. Condolences to Roxanne Fans.

Heather Peace (DS Sam Murray) tells us that
being back on set is like a little family reunion: “It’s been really
lovely working with everyone again. As soon as we all got together, it was like
we just picked up from where we left off. Im loving the scripts and exploring a little bit
more of Sam. Really, I’ve just got the best job ever.”

Ruta Gedmintas (Frankie) added: “I love
being back with the cast and crew again. The storylines this series are great
and unexpected. I’ve never reprised a role before…it’s quite fun to play around with a character you
already know so well.”

There’s a major new character

Her name is Lexy, but we’re already calling her The Lexinator — for
absolutely no reason at all, other than it sounds wicked when you say it really
low and slow: The Lex-in-at-or. Try it when you read the next sentence. It seems like The Lexinator will be getting all involved with Frankie/Sam/ Cat. Exactly how, we do not yet know. Other things about Lexy — she’s
Australian, a doctor and she looks like this.

This means she’s a delight
to the eye, smart and has good access to drugs — which makes us think she and
Frankie might get on. An additional fact you may be interested in — actress
Anna Skellern is a fully qualified yoga instructor so is probably quite bendy.

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