“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.21 – “I Will Survive”


Welcome to Grey’s Anatomy episode 7. 21, “I Will Survive.” I love that song!

The show opens up with Cristina closing up shop to Owen. That is, she’s pushing him off of her because she’s denying him sex until he chooses Chief Resident. Cristina wants him to be impartial in the selection process. Cristina says, “Sex with me, however hot and excellent, could cloud your judgment.” Now, that’s a great piece of dialogue.

At the McShepherd household, Meredith heads into the kitchen for breakfast and Alex walks out.  Meredith is worried that Alex will narc on her about switching Adele’s Alzheimer medicine but Alex reassures her that he’s dealing with his own issues. Why do women (myself included) always think everything is about them?

Lexie and Avery are brushing their teeth in sync while Lexie gives Avery a pep talk about having confidence that he will win the Chief Resident position because of the groundbreaking diabetes trial he’s doing with the Chief.

Alex heads into his bedroom and the lovely Dr Lucy is sitting on his bed. (I can’t believe Dr. Hottie is wasted on Alex!) Dr. Hottie shares the great news that she’s been offered a better job in Texas.

She’s not sure if she wants to go, but since she’s wearing a longhorn skull t-shirt (and the actress is gearing up for ABC’s new Charlie’s Angels series), I have a feeling she’ll be taking the job and heading out of Seattle. Because Dr. Hottie is a woman, she plays games and hints that she’s disappointed that Alex didn’t beg her to stay in Seattle with him. Instead, Alex is supportive and encourages her to taking the job to better her career. Why the games? Don’t straight women want encouraging supportive boyfriends?

Meredith shows up to Seattle Grace hospital late and greets her hubby and her hopefully soon-to-be daughter, Zola. That baby really is cute! Meredith and Derek have to sit down with a social worker in order to be considered for the honor of becoming Zola’s adoptive parents.

Meredith is nervous about meeting with the social worker because she’s scared that she doesn’t know how to be a mother. Meredith says she doesn’t know how to make lunches or sew Halloween costumes, to which Derek replies, “You can sew.” Meredith tells him, “I sew skin.” Don’t worry, Meredith, I heard Buffalo Bill is teaching a pattern making class at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Derek hands off Zola to Meredith and the baby immediately starts to cry. Maybe my Buffalo Bill reference scared her.

Arizona, or as I like to call her, Arizona Torres, comes in to tell the soon to be adoptive parents that Zola’s weight’s up and she’s ready for her operation. The surgery should be easy and Arizona gives Zola a pacifier to stop her from crying. Meredith looks at the pacifier in wonder. Derek encourages Meredith that they will figure out how to be good parents. Or else Zola will be in therapy for the rest of her life (or worse, a cast member on Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club).

Bailey pushes a young patient out of the hospital in a wheelchair and Alex pops up and gives the little girl a hug and a teddy bear. You have to admit sometimes Alex is tolerable. As Bailey and Alex remind their patient of her medical care regimen, the patient’s older sister topples over in pain.

Cut to Teddy and Henry running in the park together. Teddy points out fellow female park-goers and encourages Henry to ask them out. Now maybe I’m old fashioned, but I would have a problem picking out women for my wife to date. Teddy tells Henry that Andrew is moving to Germany and she’s thinking about going with him. Henry fears he will lose his wife, whom he has a crush on, and his medical insurance. When does Obama’s health care reform package go into effect?

Alex and Bailey check out their new patient and discover that she’s pregnant. The 17-year old didn’t tell anyone because she was worried she couldn’t fly to Seattle with her sister if the hospital knew about her condition. Arizona and Dr. Hottie show up and figure out that there is not enough fluid around the extremely tiny baby so the patient’s abdomen is bleeding.

All the residents are meeting with Owen to pitch themselves for the job of Chief Resident. April is up first. She goes over a special chart she created to make sure  the patient’s care is more efficient. Unfortunately, April’s patient and family overhear her discussing “ruling out cancer” and they freak out. April says everything is fine she was just discussing the medical possibilities. Oh, no! Someone tell those actors to run. The longer they stay at Seattle Grace Hospital, the more aliments they will be assigned to order to increase the drama level of the episode. Run, actors, run!

Cristina interrupts April to tell Owen that she’s finished with her all of her duties and is awaiting further instructions. Cristina’s goodie two-shoe-ness chaps April’s perky ass.

As Alex, Bailey, Arizona and Dr. Hottie operate on the pregnant teenager, they realize that the baby is tangled up in the woman’s intestines. It’s like a really knotted up gold necklace, except it’s a human being and the problem could be fatal. The tiny baby is delivered, and Alex works on the newborn as the doctors realize the blood in the mother’s abdomen is from the placenta. Yuck! (“Yuck” is a medical term.)

Henry reveals to the Chief that he has a crush on Teddy (which I find to be inappropriate) and asks to be a part of the Chief’s diabetes trial so he can go back to work and therefore get his own insurance so he won’t have to rely on Teddy anymore.

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