“The Hollywood Reporter” teases spoilers for the big New York-style “Glee” finale


The Glee finale is just 12 days away and The Hollywood Reporter was there, in New York, to witness the insanity of what it is calling the show’s “biggest, craziest, most expensive show ever.” The episode, shot partially on location in New York City, cost $6 million and caused quite the fan frenzy what with the Glee gang running wild through the streets. Of course, you can’t blame New Yorkers for going a little bananas at the sight of Naya Rivera and Heather Morris cavorting like this.

Seriously, after seeing that green dress how can you not vote for Naya for the AfterEllen.com Hot 100?

WARNING: Spoilers for the Glee finale May 24 follow. So, shoo, spoilerphobes.

So, what do we learn from THR special Glee issue? Well the biggest headline is that there is a death in the finale. Um, what? A death? When did Glee become The Killing? I’m always a little wary when fun shows tackle mortality issues. Or perhaps I just have PTSD from the “Who killed Jenny?” season of The L Word. My totally random guess is someone very minor like a parent we’ve barely seen or, god forbid, Lord Tubbington kicks the bucket.

Series creator Ryan Murphy said in a THR Q&A that the finale will have four plot reveals:

Yes, in Act 6 of the Glee finale there are four plot reveals — all about relationships, moving forward and resolving some — which will hopefully keep the audience interested over the summer. It’s one of the reasons why I wanted to delay publication of the script — those things get out, though in this day and age, you can’t keep anything secret.

Again, my totally random (though hopefully completely correct) guess is that our gals Santana and Brittany are one of those four. In fact if they’re not, beware the wrath of legions of angry lesbians, Mr. Murphy.

The finale also pays homage to some classic New York film imagery from On the Town, Hair and Taxi Driver to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Location shots throughout the city included Times Square, Central Park, Lincoln Center Plaza, Washington Square Park and Sardi’s Restaurant.

Songs will include a mashup of “New York, New York”/”I Love New York” and a Lea Michele and Chris Colfer duet on “For Good” in the Gershwin Theatre, home of Wicked. Matthew Morrison will sing an original song of his debut album, “Still Got Tonight.” And none other than Broadway legend Patti Lupone will cameo.

Though my favorite tidbit from the article is about a fan interaction Michele had while back in Los Angeles. The cast and crew met with Emmy voters and their children. During the panel a father told the cast how thrilled he was to see his 10-year-old daughter’s two-dad household represented on screen.

“[Lea Michele] is supposed to be on set with her cast, but insists that the little girl with two fathers wait for her outside the auditorium. Once there, Michele wraps her delicate arms around the girl and asks her about the experience. ‘How do you feel in school? What did you tell them?’ she asks, visibly touched by her character’s impact. ‘You’re cool now; you’re like Rachel Berry,’ she says to the nodding fan, adding, ‘I’m so proud of you.’”

Aw, come on. How amazing is this cast to its fans?

Ryan also teased a few thoughts on Season 3. There will apparently be only one “tribute” episode which will be made into a two-hour television movie. He wouldn’t say which artist would get the honor, except it was someone they had finally received permission to use. And, because the series runs in real-time, expect four new cast members to join as our Glee Club regulars enter senior year.

So, on a level from One to Oh-My-God-Naya-In-That-Green-Dress, how excited are you for the Glee finale? What’s up with the supposed death? And will we finally get the Brittana payoff we’ve all been waiting for? Discuss.

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