Jacqueline Bisset comes to “Rizzoli & Isles” as Maura’s mama


Have you ever wanted to meet Dr. Maura Isles’ mama? Well, you will soon. The lovely Jacqueline Bisset has been cast as Maura’s mom on Rizzoli & Isles. The four-time Golden Globe nominee will appear in a multi-episode arc starting in August.

According to TV Guide, Bisset will play Maura’s adoptive mom, Constance Isles, who is described as elegant, “impeccably styled” and a “brilliant art historian.” Well, you can see where Maura gets her sophistication and good looks. I’d say this casting is pretty perfect. I mean, they even look a little alike.

It’ll be nice to see more of Maura’s family and backstory on the show. We already know all about Rizzoli’s big Italian family, but Maura has remained more of a mystery. Yesterday was apparently Bisset’s first day on set. Both Sasha Alexander and Angie Harmon have tweeted their excitement about the addition.

Speaking of tweeting, Alexander was busy yesterday giving us some behind-the-scenes spoilers from the set. Looks like there will be some period costume play in an upcoming episode. I love how Alexander looks regal and Harmon looks miserable, respectively, in their dresses. Always in character, those two.

Though, I wouldn’t mind to see Det. Jane Rizzoli go a little out of character and show a little more of Harmon’s fun side. Like, for example, this impromptu dance party one of the hair stylists on set posted of the cast and crew getting down. Ladies, Rizzoli can bust a move.


So, excited about Bisset coming on board? Curious about the costume dresses? Rewinding Angie dancing over and over? Yeah, me too. Rizzoli & Isles returns for Season 2 July 11 on TNT.

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