Five of our favorite comic princesses


In a remarkable coincidence, ComicsAlliance published a list of the Best Comic Book Princesses on the day before the world watched as the commoner formerly known as Kate became Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

We decided to follow suit, with highlights of CA’s list plus a few of our own.


Sure, she was a Disney Princess first, but the reimagined Cinderella in Vertigo’s Fables is a whole new kind of royalty. We learned that the familiar story of her blending in at the royal ball was actually a revelation of her adaptability. Cinderella is now Fabletown’s master spy who, among other things, brought down her arms-dealing former Fairy Godmother.

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

When Amy Winston turned 13, she learned that she was actually Amethyst, an orphaned princess from the magical kingdom of Gemworld. When she was in Gemworld, she was a grown woman with her very own smitten prince and a winged unicorn. In the original 80s series, Amethyst was awesome — not so much when DC started putting her in other stories. Lesson: Don’t hang with the Legion of Super Heroes if you want to be your own woman.

Projectra, Princess of Orando

To completely contradict myself, Princess P was a Legionnaire and she was magnificent. Her superpower is my favorite ever — she could create illusions so powerful they could be picked up by a camera. If I could do that, Tina Kennard would totally be my wife. Projectra also could see beyond the “illusions of life” like the fact that she got into the Legion mainly because her rich dad financed them.

She-Ra, Princess of Power

To be honest, I don’t remember much about She-Ra. But the song will be with me forever, so I feel obligated to include her. I know she has a sword that changes her from Princess Adora, who serves evil, to She-Ra who fights for good. She can talk to animals and is strong, athletic and extremely flexible. A dream girlfriend.

Wonder Woman, Princess of Themyscira

Live versions aside, we certainly agree that Princess Diana is No. 1 among comic princesses — and as the first female superhero, she was the inspiration for those to come. She gave up ruling paradise to join the world and fight with the Justice League of America and gets her strength from the goddesses. She also can do incredible things with a lasso. I can’t imagine a world without her.

I know what you’re thinking: Where’s Xena? Well, she became a comic Warrior Princess after she was a Real Live fictional Warrior Princess, so I didn’t count her. That doesn’t mean you can’t berate me, though. I live to serve.

Who is your favorite comic princess?

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