’s Perfect Prom Date Personality Quiz!


It’s prom time! At least that’s what we’re hearing from the good folks at Glee. And everyone knows real live high school is exactly like at William McKinley High School!

Don’t know who to ask to prom? Don’t worry! We’ll help you choose the perfect date! Take our quiz below. Keep track of your answers if you want an accurate result. 

What word best describes your ideal prom date?

A) Caliente!

B) Gorgeous

C) Tempestuous

D) Genuine

E) Perfect

How would you like to arrive at prom?

A) In a limousine


C) On foot, maybe after a hike through the woods

D) Public transportation, the Southpaw Express for example

E) On the back of a scooter

If another girl hit on you at prom, you would want your date to:

A) Bitch slap her

B) Get hilariously drunk

C) Alcohol poison her

D) Jump/fall off a roof

E) Please. Like I’d take my eyes off of her long enough for anyone else to hit on me.

What’s would your ideal prom music be?

A) My date singing

B) Me and my date performing karaoke

C) Glockenspiel Song by Dog is Dead

D) Born this Way by Lady Gaga

E) The only music I want to hear is her husky voice in my ear

What is your post-prom activity of choice?

A) Pranking houses of less cool kids

B) Sleuthing

C) A full-blown rager

D) Watching her parents have a fisticuffs

E) Skinny-dipping followed by a woodland shag

What is your morning-after-prom breakfast choice?

A) Cheerios

B) Boo! Berry cereal

C) Three tablespoons of quinoa and flax-seeds

D) Full English breakfast prepared by her mum

E) Garibaldi Biscuits

Tally your results and click through to find out who your ideal prom date is!


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