“Weeds” Season 7 teaser and the incarceration of Nancy Botwin


When we last saw Nancy Botwin leading Esteban into a trap, things looked pretty bad. Would she be able to talk her way out of trouble one more time?

From the looks of this week’s sneak peek at Weeds Season 7, the answer is no. And she’ll have plenty of time to think about how low she’s sunk — in prison.

Here’s the teaser (apologies to non U.S. audiences for Showtime’s regional restrictions).


TVLine reports that casting is in progress for Nancy’s cellmate Roya, a “scheming Russian-American hottie,” so I guess we’ll see at least a few episodes set in a women’s prison. The imagination reels.

Hotness runs in Roya’s family; her brother Demetri is a hunk who visits his sister once in awhile. Any bets on how long Nancy will wait before arranging special private visits with him?

Once Nancy is released, she’ll be on probation in a halfway house, complete with a creepy roommate and overly nosey male house supervisor. (I vote for Sean Hayes.)

No word yet on the rest of the family, that was headed overseas as Nancy was headed for jail. This photo of Silas turned up this week, however, with all sorts of speculation about its meaning.

I think it just means that Hunter Parrish looks quite handsome in a suit, since Weeds production hasn’t started yet.

This very well may be the last season for Weeds — nothing official yet — so I’m expecting great things. Last year made up for a couple of weak years and I’d love for the show to go out on a high.

Meanwhile, enjoy a belated Happy 4/20 from Mary-Louise Parker and remember why Weeds is always worth watching. Season 7 premieres June 27.


Are you looking forward to Weeds Season 7? Are you ready to say goodbye to the Botwins or does Nancy have many more adventures ahead?

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