“The Real L Word” Season 2 cast gets dirty


From sunshine crotches to muddy, well, everything. The second season of The Real L Word debuts June 5 and now we can meet the new faces. It looks like Whitney is the only original member to stick around. The only other familiar face is Romi, who was one of the girls Whitney was stringing along last year.

So who are the rest of these women? Here’s the write-up from Entertainment Weekly:

Claire: The St. Louis native just moved from New York City to Los Angeles and is starting her own online lesbian magazine focusing on the sapphic lifestyle and fashion. Claire’s Showtime report: “We catch her in the middle of a major life change — leaving her life in New York City, amazing girlfriend included, to see what Los Angeles has to offer… and if her ex-girlfriend of five years, Francine, is really ‘the one.’” Which brings us to…

Francine: Claire’s ex from college is a media and business executive who is just now coming into her own on the L.A. dating scene. Apparently, Francine thinks that she and Claire are “tragic” together and “doesn’t know what to make of Claire’s move.” Says Showtime’s official dossier: “She’s already on her way with a successful career and a great group of friends whose support is a welcome presence as she also grapples with whether or not to come out to her traditional Japanese mother.”

Cori & Kacy: The Culver City, Calif., duo are entertainment executives, have been together for five years (legally married for two), and are ready to start a family. They’re excited — and overwhelmed. “They have to find a donor, a doctor and figure out their insemination plan,” says their combined bio from Showtime. “Cori also has to bid adieu to her carefree party days and quit smoking. It’s an emotional journey without a roadmap.”

Sajdah: The resident of Van Nuys, Calif., is an LGBT activist and was once nominated for high school prom queen. Now, Sajdah has gone butch and is finding her way in L.A.’s lesbian world, having just moved from Washington, D.C., where she was the first of her family to graduate from college. Reads her Showtime bio: “Articulate and opinionated, Saj isn’t shy about making friends or speaking out on behalf of the gay community through activist work. Yet, the ins and outs of relationships remain a mystery for her — until she meets her first girlfriend and is forced to learn, and fast!”

As for what’s happening with Whitney and Romi, EW reports that Whitney is “is making 2011 her year to re-focus on her creative passions and give back to the community” while also trying to deal with “complications with Sara.” And Romi has a girlfriend that she’s “struggling to be emotionally and sexually available to.”

Here’s a video preview of what we can expect come June.<?p>


It definitely looks like a different show. It’s nice to see some added diversity among the cast, but it is much younger skewed. What do you think of the new turn the series is taking? Watching/not watching?

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