“Pretty Little Liars” to channel “Glee” and “Black Swan” in possible musical episode


How are your minds this afternoon? Not blown? Here, let me see if I can help: Marlene King whispered to E! that the Pretty Little Liars creative team has “talked about” letting the PLLs get their song and dance on in the second season. Yes — oh, yes — when PLL returns this summer, there may be more than mayhem and mystery and murdering robots in Rosewood, PA. There may also be [pause for dramatic effect] ballet.

“We’ve actually thought about doing a Black Swan episode because three out of the four Pretty Little Liars are ballet dancers,” King says. “We’re thinking of maybe incorporating that into the show. They also all sing. They’re mutiltalented.”

Oh, man. OH, MAN.

Dance, motherf–kers, dance!

I mean, tell me an idea that is more perfect than PLLs meets Black Swan. You can’t. You know why? ‘Cause there are no ideas more perfect than PLLs meets Black Swan.

Here, let me show you. These are some reviews. Tell me what they’re for.

“Despite its wildly over the top approach to creating tension, parts of it are genius. In fact I’m sure it’s genius. But I will have to double check.”

“Climactic moments may induce nervous sniggering from audiences but such grandiose camp makes for a flamboyant and vivid contemporary classic.”

“Sure, it’s melodramatic, but it is still a thing of rare terrifying, heartbreaking, surreal, monstrous and downright orgasmic beauty.”

“An exercise in the higher kitsch, a slick, pretentious story in which the polished surface is a distorting mirror.”

“Full of sex, drugs, catfights, violence, hallucinations and even some choice girl-on-girl action. What more could you possibly want?”

“It had such an impact on me that I sat staring zombie-like at the closing credits, unable to move.”

Now, are those reviews for Black Swan or are they reviews for Pretty Little Liars? Hmm? Grandiose camp? Melodramatic? Sex, drugs, catfights, violence, hallucinations and even some choice girl-on-girl action? Zombies?

You can’t tell the difference!

You know who’s into the Black Swan/PLL crossover besides me? Shay Mitchell: “Love it. I love dancing, so why not?! Let’s do all three — acting, singing and dancing!”

Also, Lucy Hale: “Are you kidding me? This is news to me. I sang on the show last season, so it would be awesome. Actually, all the girls have really nice voices. We’re going to Glee it up on Pretty Little Liars!”

Actually, a Glee/PLL crossover isn’t the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Shay Mitchell does want Emily and Santana to hook up, after all.

If you’re not sold on the idea, I have one more thing to say. Can you even imagine what the hell kind of outfit Spencer Hastings would trot out for a Black Swan themed episode? My mind whirs and pings like a JennaBot just thinking about it.

What do you think? Can PLLs pull off a musical? Who should be the Swan Queen?

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