“Degrassi” recap: “Drop the World: Part One”


Well, it looks like Adam and Fiona are officially on separate paths now. Part One of the Degrassi Season Ten finale had Adam acting as a friend to Eli while Fiona tried to act as a friend to Holly J.

On the Eli/Clare/Adam front, Eli — or as he acts in this episode, Creepy McCreeperson — is excited about the publication of a gothic comic he wrote about killing a girlfriend and drinking her blood. His girlfriend, Clare, is not as thrilled as he is to see herself listed as a co-author, and she’s even less thrilled when he suggests they lock themselves in a room to write their first novel together. Gee, I wonder why.

Eli pulls Adam aside before class to get advice about Clare’s “prickly” attitude, to which Adam calmly responds that Eli is being paranoid. “Your plans normally make things more complicated,” Adam adds when Eli wonders what he should be doing. “Just relax for now.”

After deciding he wants to go to the Gothic Convention in Bloomington over Spring Break, Eli commissions his dad’s help in getting Clare’s mom’s permission for her to come, too. When he finally tells Clare about it, she gets annoyed that she went behind her back but hesitantly agrees to go.

Eli expresses his disappointment about Clare’s lack of enthusiasm to Adam, who suggests that maybe surprising her with the news wasn’t the best approach, especially considering his surprises tend to be “intense” and “scary” — like dead ex-girlfriends. Adam proposes that Eli cut Clare a little slack, but McCreepy simply counters that “after two days in the hearse [his car], we’ll be perfect again.” Yeah, hearse-rides work like a charm. That’s how I work through disagreements with my girlfriends, too.

Clare, having realized that Eli’s ex-girlfriend, Julia, died a year ago Spring Break, tells Eli that she understands why he’s currently acting so clingy and intense but that the trip is a bad idea. She then asks for a break from their relationship.

Out at an abandoned building, Eli takes out a picture of him and Julia, screaming that she ruined his life. “Not anymore,” he intones as he shoots it. Run, Clare. Run from that hearse-ride.

On the Holly J. front, Fiona and another friend, Anya, find her sitting in a classroom pondering a list of pros and cons about dating Sav. When Fiona sees “not feeling it” on the con list, she asks if that means “the ‘L’ word,” and a confused Holly J. thinks Fiona is referring to the word “lesbian.”

A now-also-confused Anya reminds Holly J. that the “L” word usually refers to “love,” though, of course, we all know it refers to talking, laughing, loving, breathing, and all those other things the Betty theme song taught us. (Though to be honest, I’m not sure I realized until I looked up the lyrics just now that not all the verbs in that list start with the letter L. So much for my skills of observation.)

“Holly J. has ‘mentionitis,'” Fiona explains to Anya, “as I came out recently. I’m gay.” She looks very pleased with and sure of herself — quick, but hey, good for her! Anya takes the news in stride and advises Holly J that “no reason to leave is never a good reason to stay.” Well said.

Holly J. fails in her first attempt to break up with Sav, so when his mother shows up at the school, she tries another strategy. Knowing that Sav’s parents want him to date a Muslim, she reveals to his mother that they’re dating in hopes that it will result in their forced break-up. Her plan backfires, however, when Sav’s mother admits she loves Holly J. and wants to support their relationship, forcing Holly J. to come clean to Sav about the intentions behind her revelation to his mother.

Anya, who has been sitting with Fiona and watching Holly J.’s conversation with Sav, calls Fiona out on being in love with Holly J. Though Fiona tries to brush off the comment and walk away, Anya assures her that she knows what it’s like to be in love with someone you can’t be with. Sighing, Fiona makes Anya promise to keep that information to herself.

We’ll see if and how long that last. What did you all think of part one of the finale? And be sure to check back later this week for one more Degrassi interview!

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