Is Mini McGuinness gay as a window?


Since last we chatted about Skins, I’ve had a chance to rewatch Series Five and read Jess Britain‘s novel, Skins: Summer Holiday, and I am now ready to make my official, professional prognosis — McGuinness: Gay as a Window.

When I interviewed Jamie Brittain a couple of weeks ago, I asked him if Mini and Liv had a past, and he told me to read the novel for a “totally baller scene” between the two of them. So I did. This is the scene (told from Grace’s point of view):

Mini and Liv appeared on the dance floor, their arms around each other.

“Gracie!” Mini yelled, waving me over to their spot.

I joined in as they danced, Liv’s arms twisted round Mini’s waist, their legs intertwined. Mini smiled, raising her arms into the air. I felt a familiar pang of jealousy as they danced closer and closer, giggling at each other. Liv leaned forward and kissed Mini on the lips, slowly. Mini kissed back, her tongue darting into Liv’s mouth for a second. They broke apart laughing like nutters, falling into each other. The guys around us were beginning to look and cheer. Which was the point, I suppose.

Knowing Mini like we do, you’d think that would be the point, wouldn’t you? A whole Katy Perry cherry chapstick shenanigan? But explain the scene later on when Mini tries to kiss Liv again when she’s asleep. Here, I’ll explain it: gay as a window.

Look, I’ve got Gay Goggles. I know it. You know it. I see gay people like that kid from The Sixth Sense sees dead people. But rewatching series five with the full knowledge that Mini develops a “girl crush” on Franky and that she was more willing to get physical with Liv (in the novel) than she was to get physical with Nick (in the series) makes this …

… seem like the progression of a Pride Parade. (Oh Mini, has the homo circus come to town, or what?)

So what does that mean for Minky? Franky is “into people.” And Mini, whose heterosexual protestations are now falling on totally deaf ears, is, as I say, gay as a window. Jamie told me the relationship will be explored next season. And Dakota Blue Richards said the same thing: “I have no idea [what will happen, but] I think considering how popular [Minky] is with the fans … it’ll probably be something we’ll see again.” Oh, and then there’s Jess Brittain — the newest member of the Skins writing staff — who told Digital Spy: “The writers take the Skins fans very seriously and we listen really closely.”

I got a lot of grief for telling Jamie Brittain that readers were split on whether they wanted to see Franky end up with Mini or Matty, but if you’ll kindly read the comments on the previous posts about Miss Fitzgerald, you’ll see some really interesting discussion about why it would be revolutionary if Franky chooses Matty. This is a good one from Tom1906:

As much as I ship Franky/Mini, I don’t want Franky with a girl in the show. Being who she is, looking the way she looks, is hard. But it’s much, much, much harder for a straight girl. Firstly, every guy assumes you’re gay, and even if they don’t, they still don’t find you attractive (unlike gay girls). While bisexual (or in Franky’s case pansexual) characters always end up with guys in TV shows (which we’re all sick of), Franky’s case is completely different becuase those other [bisexual characters] were very femme … I just thought, since the beginning of this series, that it was such a wonderful thing that they were showing that gender non-conformity and non-heterosexuality aren’t two parts of a package deal, and that a gender non-conforming girl can have a guy interested in her who’s not a gay in the making.

That’s an engaging argument, and one that a lot of readers share. (If you disagree in the comments, be respectful! To quote Harper Lee, “You don’t know a person until you climb into her skin and walk around in it.”)

One thing that makes Franky mesmerizing is that she’s textured and charged enough to pursue a relationship with Mini or Matty. We have no idea who she’ll choose. And Skins writers are so committed to writing outside the box that we don’t know what they’re going to do either. I would love — I would absolutely adore — a Mini/Matty/Franky love triangle. A genderqueer character being courted by the femmeiest femme and the brooding bad boy. Where else on TV is that even a possibility? (Answer: Nowhere.)

I’m excited to see organic stories unfold for Mini and for Franky in Series Six. Personally, I’m buying a ticket for the Minky Express. I’ll take a seat by Mini’s gay window.

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