Catch a first glimpse of Sarah Waters’ “The Night Watch” movie


Fans of Sarah Waters and ladies in ‘40s trousers should rejoice. The first short sneak peek of the British television adaptation of The Night Watch has surfaced. The short clips come as part of a trailer for the BBC2’s new drama season. They’re a little blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, but you do catch a glimpse of the main characters. See for yourself.


Last November it was announced that the British broadcaster would turn Waters’ fourth book into a 90-minute film. The BBC has adapted her first two novels, Tipping the Velvet and Fingersmith, and ITV1 developed her third novel Affinity into a film. Those Brits, they love them some lesbian costume drama.

The Nigh Watch is Water’s most contemporary novel, set in 1940s London, during and after the Blitz of World War II. It opens in 1947 and is told largely backwards – sort of like Memento, but with lesbians and without tattoos.

The BBC has lined up a formidable group of actresses to play its leads. Mysterious, trouser-wearing Kay is played by Anna Maxwell Martin from Becoming Jane and Bleak House. Match-making agency runner Helen is played by Claire Foy from Little Dorrit. And then her straight assistant Viv will be played by Jodie Whittaker from the Marchlands and Cranford. They all look quite the part in character.

The film premiered April 4 the BFI London International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. A few more stills of the film were released as well. Don’t Anna and Claire make a lovely couple?

No date has been released yet for its BBC2 airing, but it should come sometime later this year. So, excited by these briefest of sneak peeks? Ready for some more tasteful lesbian smut via our friends at the Beeb? If your answer to that isn’t “always,” then no tea and crumpets for you.

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