The “Glee” ladies keep busy on magazines, Twitter and talk shows


Hey, Glee, you’ve been gone an awfully long time again. And we still have another week until you’re back. So in your continued absence, we’re forced to clings to any and everything else. Like, the new Marie Claire covers featuring Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Amber Riley.

Marie Claire shot both a group shot and individual covers. The ladies look lovely, and might I add how great is it to see Amber get a little more loving from the glossy magazines. I also have no doubt Achele fans are frantically Photoshopping Lea and Dianna together in various incarnations of these covershoots.

The ladies also recorded a short video talking about their fashion musts. Amber said hers was Blistex. Chapstick lesbians everywhere applaud her choice.


The Glee ladies have been busy of late. Naya Rivera was on The Wendy Williams show yesterday. There she Slusheed two (very) willing Glee fans and talked about her role as Santana and affections for Brittany.

Wendy Williams: Does that make you uncomfortable? What are people saying to you in real life regarding this storyline, because people love it?
Naya Rivera: Well I knew that people were going to love it. And it didn’t make me uncomfortable because I’d been getting so many letters from fans and everyone expressing how real it is in their real life. So I actually feel honored to portray it and I’m trying to make it a serious thing.

I’m not entirely sure about Wendy’s “uncomfortable” line of questioning, but Naya’s answer was as gracious as ever.

And Naya has been busy tweeting and trolling Tumblr, too. Kevin McHale and Naya tweeted about a very instructional gif about Santana that Brittana fan jugstheclown posted.

And, ever the good sport, Naya approved.

Not to be left out, Achele fans had a mini-coronary when it appeared Dianna posted a love tweet to Lea. She later posted that her account had been hacked and she neither posted not deleted the tweet. But Lea took the sentiment and ran with it anyway.

Even series co-creator Brad Falchuk got into the act and tweeted out:

If I had any say in the matter, when Glee comes back there’d be some Jessie, Wemma, a Quinn/Rachel duet, GP and Charice …. Also, Brittana …. Forgetting something …. Know I’m forgetting something …. Oh, right …. Finchel.

It’s pretty amazing how up everyone is in the cast and crew on the various fandoms.

And, in one last bit of real Glee news, production stills for the new April 19 Glee were released. So stop reading now if you don’t want to see possible spoilers.

They show Mercedes, Tina and the Quinn-Finn-Rachel triangle.

Also, the Glee Club arch enemies hold a meeting.

And then Gwyneth Paltrow shows up. She is supposedly singing Adele’s “Turning Tables” in the episode. I have no idea where the kimono fits in.

Whew, and that’s what you missed while Glee was on hiatus.

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