Best First Kisses


Yesterday was the first anniversary of Sophie and Sian’s first kiss on the British soap Coronation Street. It’s a significant anniversary for lots of reasons. For starters, Sophie and Sian are the first lesbian couple in the fifty year history of the primetime drama. And for seconders, it signifies that the they’ve actually maintained a relationship for an entire year — an almost unheard of feat in the world of TV.

Neither of them got pregnant. Neither of them went back to men. They came out, came together, and tackled all kinds of external foes, as a couple! So to celebrate their place in lezzer snog history, I’ve made a list of some of my other favorite first TV couple kisses.

Alex and Marissa, The O.C.

“The tide just turned,” Alex said while Belle X1 crooned about The Garden of Eden, and just giving it a try.

Spencer and Ashley, South of Nowhere

I’ll just quote SON recapper Karman Kregloe on this one: “And then there’s Spencer and Ashley, all smiles as they burst into Ashley’s room and stop for a long (and long-overdue) kiss. Despite the fact that Ashley needed to move her damn hand so that we could really see them kiss, it was a good one.”

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