Helen Mirren hosts a saucy, same-sexy “Saturday Night Live”


Pity poor Vanessa Bayer. The Saturday Night Live comic is the only female cast member who didn’t get to take a run at Helen Mirren over the weekend. The formidable, not to mention foxy, dame hosted SNL on Saturday and things got pretty frisky pretty fast. Of course, can you blame them? I mean, look at her.

Helen came out, surrounded by the male SNL cast members in a sang-and-dance number talking about her legendary sauciness. But it was the ladies of SNL that had the most fun with Ms. Mirren. And by “fun” I mean groping and/or making out. Hey, that’s fun.

In the SNL Digital Short for the week, cast member Nasim Pedrad comes to ask Helen a very important question.


Yes, Hellen Mirren’s t—ies truly do exist in a place beyond space and time. Also, Kristen Wiig deserves some sort of award immediately for actually motorboating Helen.

Then, Helen stepped back into time to play a nefarious Eleanor Roosevelt.


Normally I’m a stickler for the facts, but I will accept a certain amount of historical inaccuracy as long as I get to see Eleanor and Marilyn Monroe make out. Also, kudos to Abby Elliott for totally committing to that kiss. I’m not saying there was tongue, I’m just saying she saw her chance and took it.

I can’t say too many of the other sketches elicited more than a chuckle (OK, the “Best of Both Worlds with Hugh Jackman” sketch with Helen playing a salty mouthed, homicidal Julie Andrews wasn’t bad either). But what was most interesting is that the show decided to approach the standard “Helen Mirren is super sexy for her age” line of thought and have it acted out by the female, instead of male cast members.

So, what did you think of Helen’s hosting? Enjoy the show. Enjoy the making out? Are visions of Kristen motorboating still dancing through your head? Discuss.

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