“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: Episode 7.18 – “Song Beneath the Song”


The Grey’s Anatomy musical event has finally arrived! Arizona wakes up with her bloody face stuck in the airbag of her smashed up car. 

Arizona looks across to the passenger seat and Callie’s not there. Arizona sees broken glass and then looks up and finds Callie’s legs hanging out of the window. Callie wasn’t wearing a seat belt so she was thrown through the windshield. As Callie lies atop the hood of the car, she sees a vision of herself standing on the side of the road. 

Arizona screams for help while Callie whimpers in pain. I immediately start to cry as the vision of Callie starts to sing, “Nobody knows where we might end up. Nobody knows.” Callie’s eyes close.

At Seattle Grace Hospital, Mark is in the OR bragging about what a great surgery he just performed. Meredith waits for Mark’s gloating to end so that she can deliver the news about Callie’s accident. Mark races out of the hospital to join his colleagues as they wait for Callie and Arizona’s ambulance to arrive. I’m not a “kid person” but I really hope Callie’s baby survives.

The Chief tells Mark that he isn’t allowed to operate on Callie. An angry Mark agrees, but insists on being in the room during the operation. Callie is unloaded from the ambulance and once again sees a vision of herself standing over her own body. The vision of Callie begins to sing “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol. (Did the song really need to have the word “car” in it? A little literal, don’t you think?) Callie gets rushed into the OR and Mark runs up to the injured Arizona and asks what happened. Arizona explains that she asked Callie to marry her and then a “truck came out of nowhere.”

The doctors rush through the hallways and Owen tells Callie to stay alive. Owen then begins to sing and Callie starts to whimper. Come on Callie, Owen’s singing isn’t that bad! Arizona and Mark hug the wall of the examining room while the doctors review Callie’s condition. Arizona screams out, asking if the baby has a heartbeat. Dr. Hottie says she doesn’t know. Then Owen and Callie start to harmonize on “Chasing Cars.” Bailey races out of the room and begins to sing, too. Bailey returns with supplies and sees Callie trembling, so she grabs her hand to calm her down. And now I’m crying again! This episode has barely begun and I’m already drenched in tears.

Dr. Hottie finds the baby’s heartbeat and, just then, Callie’s own heart suddenly stops beating. But she’s brought back to life. Callie’s gurney is rushed into the elevator and, when the elevator doors close, a dazed Arizona says, “I asked her to marry me and then a truck came out of nowhere.” Not to split hairs, but Arizona asked Callie to marry her and then took her eyes off the road for 10 long seconds and in that 10 seconds Arizona didn’t notice that the truck in front of her had stopped. Therefore the car crash was Arizona’s fault. I love Jessica Capshaw, but I would never get in a car with her behind the wheel. (But if she and I were lying in the backseat of the car together, that would be a different story.)

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The Grey’s doctors are frazzled and running around the OR. Owen makes an announcement asking everyone to take a deep breath and calm down so they don’t make any mistakes while operating on Callie. The doctors quiet themselves and breathe. Lexie tells Callie to just breathe and then Lexie begins to sing “Breathe (2 a.m.)” by Anna Nalick. Once again, that’s really literal. Is there a song coming up called, “Save Callie Torres and the Baby”?  If so, I hope it’s a disco track.

Arizona is up in the observation room, but Mark is nowhere to be found. The Chief tells Lexie to leave the OR and check on Mark. Then the Chief tells all  the doctors who are in the way to get out of the room, so Alex and Avery exit. Owen warns the Chief that Callie might bleed to death and April looks to Bailey and asks what happens now. Bailey explains that they will move Callie to the ICU and if she makes it through the next 24 hours, then they will operate on her. The Chief pulls Dr. Hottie aside and asks if she has a plan. The Chief wants to know if Hottie is prepared to deliver Callie’s baby if necessary. Dr. Hottie says she doesn’t know what to do and that she’s out of her element.

Lexie finds Mark crying in the stairwell. Mark tells Lexie that she doesn’t have to be there with him because he knows Lexie hates him. Lexie says she doesn’t hate him. Lexie still loves Mark and she is just using Avery and his pretty blue eyes for sex. Although having sex with someone’s eyes is probably not sanitary.

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