“Degrassi” recap: “Chasing Pavements – Part One”


Degrassi aired part one of “Chasing Pavements” on Friday, and guess what? Fiona’s back! As for Adam, well, we caught of glimpse of his back — does that count?

From the looks of the preview for this coming week, though, there will be plenty of Adam, Fiona, and Holly J to go around in part two.

But first, a quick congrats to Degrassi for winning a Peabody Award! The award was announced this past week for “My Body Is a Cage,” last fall’s two-part episode that, as their website so aptly puts it, “dealt sensitively and forthrightly with a transgender teenager.”

Now back to Friday’s episode.

Can we say “foreshadowing”? Yes? Good. Cause this episode was one big pile of foreshadowing. In fact, if you could make a ball of foreshadowing and continually lob it at someone, this would be your result. I think I may have a headache from being hit upside the head with so much of it.

The episode opens with Fiona announcing that she is an alcoholic and has been sober for 28 days, thus successfully completely the in-patient part of her rehab. Adam is still keeping his distance, as he promised Fiona he would, but Holly J is there to congratulate Fiona on being a “rehab grad.”

Fiona admits that her addiction to drinking was just a symptom of her underlying problems, like the fact that she has trouble with relationships (ding! ding! ding!). In fact, she’s got a court appearance that week in which she’ll have to face her abusive ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Even though they’ve been offered a settlement, Fiona insists on going through with the trial. She knows Bobby’s guilty, and she believes the coping techniques she learned at rehab will get her through the court appearance without resorting to alcohol.

Holly J finds Fiona at school testing her strength by watching a video of Bobby and his new girlfriend, Tinsley. Holly J assures her that she’s strong and, just then, Adam walks by. Fiona admits to Holly J that she wants to talk to Adam, but she hasn’t yet. She hopes he doesn’t think her drinking was because of him being trans, and she sympathizes that “it can’t be easy being different” (ding! ding! ding!). Because, you know, Adam’s the only one who sticks out. All the other kids at Degrassi have such normal, typical lives.

Fiona convinces her mother to let Holly J come with them to her court appearance in New York as moral support, happily proclaiming, “I can do anything with my mom and my girlfriend by my side!” (Ding! ding! di — yeah, no. Pointing out this foreshadowing is like pointing out a lesbian at an Indigo Girls concert. It’s just too easy to be fun. No, I take that back. Pointing out lesbians is always fun. Especially at an Indigo Girls concert.)

But seriously, Degrassi — I think the last time a female teenager referred to a female friend she was not dating as her girlfriend may have been 1978. Well, maybe not that long ago. But it’s certainly not the way I refer to my friends, and I’m not really so much older than Fiona that I can put it down to “the kids these days!” Eh, oh well. Kids these days.

Fiona, her mother and Holly J get to the court, where Fiona gives a statement and is cross-examined by Bobby’s lawyer. Initially, it seems like she’s going to lose. She’s out-ed to the court as an alcoholic and is forced to admit that she embellished the bruise she’d gotten from Bobby with make-up.

Then Bobby’s lawyer throws out one final question, which she seems to think solidifies her character assassination of Fiona: “Have you ever had a successful romantic relationship?”

Let’s see — Riley (gay), Bobby (abusive), and how about that kiss she planted on her twin brother to make Holly J jealous? It’s a completely rude and uncalled for question from the lawyer but, yeah, I can’t possibly see this thing with Adam working out.

Bobby takes his turn testifying, attempting to paint himself as a knight in shining armor who only wanted to help Fiona and hopes she “feels better someday.” Meanwhile, Fiona begins to worry that she should have taken the settlement and has to utilize some of her coping techniques from rehab to avoid the urge to drink.

Holly J takes her girlfriend — I mean, Fiona’s — hand and reassures her that she’s “winning just by doing this.” Girl power, I love it. Fiona smiles and promises that the two of them will return to New York someday to celebrate Holly J being the best friend in the world.

Back at the trial, Tinsley attempts to paint a glowing picture of Bobby, but when she’s asked if Bobby’s ever been violent, she hesitates and eventually admits that he’s hit her before too. Bobby’s lawyer objects that this wasn’t in Tinsley’s deposition, and Tinsley cracks the smallest of smiles.

The judge rules in Fiona’s favor, and as Tinsley leaves the courtroom, Fiona mouths a thank you to her. Tinsley nods her acknowledgement. Chicks before di — I mean, uh, yay girl power!

Holly J goes up to give a congratulatory hug to Fiona who, after air-kissing each cheek and making some serious eyes at Holly J’s lips, plants one on her. In her surprise, Holly J attempts to back up, but Fiona holds on to her and, with a smile, tries to pass it off as a friend thing. “It’s because of you, Holly J,” she says with an innocent smile. “You helped me through this. I love you so much.”

Yep, that’s totally how I show affection to my friends. You better watch out this week, girlfriends — kisses all around!

Anyone still have doubts who that journal entry back in February was really about? No? Good. And if you do, just go watch this week’s preview!

So who else is excited for Friday?

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