at the Dinah: Whitney and Rose give us the details on “Real L Word” Season 2


In January, Showtime’s David Nevins announced that the new season of The Real L Word would focus more on Whitney Mixter and her core group of friends. He told me at TCA:

I think there’s a more interesting version of that show that we didn’t quite get at last year. I think we can make the show feel more Showtime, more premium and exclusive. We’re going to make some real cast changes. We’re going to focus it somewhat around Whitney and her friends, who I found are the most authentic, young 20-something lesbians in Los Angeles. And I think we can do a better job at sort of capturing that sub culture.

So when Whitney made her way down the red carpet at the Dinah this weekend, I asked her why she thought that was the case, how the network discussed it with her and if she felt any pressure to be as “sexy” (aka have sex on camera) as she did last season. I also chatted with Rose Garcia on her involvement in the season (she’s not one of the major characters) and she shares some insight into her break up with Natalie.


You can also watch the video here.

The Real L Word‘s second season premieres on June 5.

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