Moran Atias joins “White Collar” as Diana Barrigan’s girlfriend


Exciting news from USA: White Collar is finally going to introduce us to Diana Barrigan’s girlfriend! is reporting that Moran Atias will be taking on the role of Christie, the much-mentioned, never-before-seen partner of our favorite FBI Special Agent. (Well, one of our favorite FBI Special Agents. Lesbians love their girls with guns.)

Says TVLine:

The character — who turns up in the third episode of the show’s upcoming third season — is described as a cardiologist who brings out Diana’s lighter side with her sweet smile and scalpel-edged wit. Her access to the pharmaceutical world proves to be invaluable to the FBI’s latest case.

This is good news for several reasons. For starters, I was beginning to wonder if Christie was a figment of Diana’s imagination. We’re privy to all the goings on in Neal and Peter’s love lives, but Christie is never more than a casual mention and the hint of a smile on Diana’s oft stern lips. (Two entire seasons’ worth of mentions!) For another thing, I love seeing lesbian couples of color my TV, and ever since Maya went to Juvie Camp on Pretty Little Liars, something’s been missing. And finally, have you seen Israeli-born Moran Atias?

I saw some people on TVLine commenting about, “OMG! Diana is in love with someone who looks just like her!” And I mean, kind of? There’s a reason Dorothy Snarker coined the phrase “Lesbian Twinsies Syndrome.”

White Collar‘s third season kicks off on June 7th on USA. [Lesbian] Characters Welcome.

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