7 lesbian hangouts you can’t go to but wish you could


There’s a stereotype that says once a lesbian gets partnered, they U-Haul it right into Boringville and stay home more often than going out. And while that may be true for many TV and movie lesbians (even if they’re single, so many scenes are at home), there are some spots that have been frequented over the length of a film or series — places we wish we could hang out at because they look cool and you could meet a potential match.

Here are seven lesbian hangouts we’d love to go to but can’t (because they don’t exist).

Ego (South of Nowhere)

Whether you want to go clubbing with your brother and straight pals or grab brunch with a group of lesbians the next morning, Ego is the hot spot in Los Angeles for baby dykes barely old enough to enter.

The Planet (The L Word)

There must be something in the coffee. West Hollywood’s fictional cafe-turned-party-place hosts musical performances, theme parties and day-to-day drama sessions. Also it appears they have free WiFi and pricey but delicious desserts.

Ten Percent Bookstore (Better Than Chocolate)

If you don’t know where to find women during the day while in Vancouver, locate the feminist bookstore, which may or may not have a naked woman in the window, trying to prove a point.

The Dot Grill (Degrassi)

The cafe has seen generations of Degrassi High goers stop in for a burger, including Paige and every boyfriend and girlfriend she’s ever had. Now Fiona and Adam go there after school, though they have yet to go together.

Fangtasia (True Blood)

Pam’s coffin is in the basement, which means she’s always hanging around. She’s not shy about hosting other beautiful women, either — vampires, humans or otherwise.

Lips (Roseanne)

At this small town gay bar in Illinois, you might be one of the only attractive ones in the bar, which means you’re likely to hook up with someone much hotter than you. At least, that’s what happened to Roseanne when she went to Lips and got kissed by Mariel Hemmingway.

The Beaver Cafe (Exes & Ohs)

This cozy Seattle spot is the place to find groups of gals gossiping about their break-ups and hookups. And in Seattle, there are tons of coffee shops, so this one is probably the best bet to find the gay women.

What lesbian hang do you wish were real so you could swing by?

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