The hottest women off Earth


I recently watched Avatar again and was struck with how incredibly sexy a blue alien can be.

So, when I saw pop culture site Ugo’s list of Top 50 “Hot Alien Women, ” I knew that we needed to make a list of our own. After all, that’s the one category we haven’t added to the Hot 100 — yet.

Here are my top six women from another planet to get you started.

Princess Neytiri, Avatar

I know the Na’vi owe their look to CGI. But a 12-foot-tall, athletic woman with huge eyes who moves like Zoe Saldana will get me every time. And who ever knew a braided tail could be so sensual?

Leeloo, The Fifth Element

With red hair and the flexibility to kick the Mangalores into oblivion with her bare feet, Leeloo was designed as the perfect woman – and she pretty much fills the bill, in a feral sort of way. She also rocks an outfit consisting of little more than bandages. Thank you, costume designers.

Sally Solomon, Third Rock From the Sun

In her actual alien form, Sally is the ultimate gender bender – neither male nor female. Fortunately for us, she took the form of a six-foot blonde on Earth. The somewhat stereotypical bimbo body was a stark contrast with Sally’s brilliant mind and tendency toward solving problems with her fists. That, of course, made her even sexier.

Lisa, V

Sure, her mom Anna gets most of the press, but Lisa possesses an irresistible combination of seductiveness and vulnerability that makes us forget she wants to eat us for dinner. (Ahem.) She may not survive her mother’s wrath another season, but she’s a joy to watch in the meantime.

Seven of Nine, Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek has tons of sexy women of various species and I admit that I’m cheating a bit with this pick. Seven of Nine actually started as a human before she was assimilated by the Borg, so technically she’s not an alien. But how could I not include her? I mean, Seven of Nine/Janeway slash alone propels her to the top of the list.

Princess Leia, Star Wars Trilogy

Movie technology has improved to the point that Star Wars looks somewhat quaint, even in “digitally remastered” form. But the first time I saw Leia in that slave outfit, I became a Star Wars addict for life. She’s a nerd, a sharpshooter, a flirt and royalty. The gold bikini was a bonus.

Opinions? You have them; let’s hear them. Who are your favorite alien hotties?

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