“Thintervention” recap 1.3: Stairway to hell


Finally, it’s time for group therapy. Joe likes that Dr. Ramani smells like pudding and cinnamon (weird) and the participants go around the room explaining a moment of true happiness in a childhood photo.

Jackie has them do this exercise because, as adults, these people are terrible to themselves and to each other. But after looking at a photo of the person as a child, it’s harder to place blame and talk smack.

The group focuses on Jeana, who can’t seem to break down her walls with the group. Mandy says she shows love through food. Stacy cries and talks about her evil grandmother who would tell her she was fat and untalented.

Shay breaks down when Jackie tells her she loves her. Everyone gets uncomfortable when Nikki laughs and tells her picture she is “an awful, rotten, ugly little girl.” When she sees how taken aback everyone is, she starts to unravel and wonders if this makes her a bad person.

Joe had to become the man of the house at the age of five and his family was on welfare – and now we know where his mommy issues probably stemmed from. His parents had divorced and he only saw his dad on weekends, which is where they would eat cheeseburgers – and then cheeseburgers became associated with time with dad.

Jackie tells everyone she is proud of them – but then they step on the scale and she seems like she’s about to lose it. Almost everyone had trouble losing any substantial weight this week and Jackie questions their commitment. Personally, I’m having a problem with her really expecting that much more from them, considering the fact that they still are leading their normal lives outside of the gym. None of the contestants, but especially Mandy and Jeana, are really all that heavy. Those two shouldn’t really be looking to lose more than two pounds a week.

Still, Jackie knows best, and what she knows makes her cry – or at least pretend to cry. She tells them she refuses to fail them and begs them to come with her.

I don’t know how you all feel, but as far as I’m concerned there weren’t nearly enough tears this week (besides from Stacy).

I hate to say this, because I really do believe they are both great trainers, but Jillian Michaels would never let her participants pull the type of crap these people do. Instead of focusing on themselves, they put all of their self-loathing on each other. Nikki’s defense mechanism is to drink and blame her weight on being such a good time. How do I know? Because I’m not only a club member, I’m the freaking president of this club. But, I’m not on a reality show trying to lose weight with Jackie freaking Warner.

Next week, we’ll be surrounded by hot firemen and Jackie dressed in some firefighter gear. How are you all feeling about the show so far?

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