“Thintervention” recap 1.3: Stairway to hell


As the workout continues, I am reminded more and more that all of the participants are whiners (besides Mandy and Jeana). Shay keeps saying she can’t “do it” – whatever “it” is. Jackie tells Shay to “Shut it down.” Stacy is in need of more attention so she says she’s pissed. Jackie says she doesn’t care that Stacy is pissed. Quite frankly, neither do I.

Jackie attempts to make Shay, Stacy and Nikki do my least favorite exercise: the dreaded pull-up. Shay quits, Stacy cries due to a fear of heights while standing on a box, and Nikki must’ve had some steroids put in her morning cocktail because she is able to do five of them.

After seeing Drinks McGee do five, Stacy steps back into the ring and is able to do a pull-up. She didn’t get to pat herself on the back for too long though because Joe was there to burst her bubble and bring her down a few notches with some snark.

Jackie tells them that this week, they’ll need to rely on each other even more than they have before. Someone has to host a healthy comfort food pot luck. Mandy volunteers.

It turns out Mandy not only has a perfect family, she also is the Hawaiian Martha Stewart. Homegirl knows how to present a feast. Well, that or she had her best gay come over to help her with the setup.

Her sons greet everyone at the door to both charm and hit on the ladies. I think Jonathan might turn into a bit of a chubby chaser when he grows up.

Joe made some delicious bison sliders, Shay brought some grilled vegetables she bought at the store and Jeana brought her chef/manslave.

At the dinner table, Stacy decides she wants to know what’s wrong with Mandy because her life is too perfect to be chubby. Shay confronts Joe and tells him she doesn’t like or trust him. What comes next is a full-size serving of passive aggressive behavior and, oh hey, pass the mahi mahi.

Stacy ends up crying, Nikki laughs and rolls her eyes, Bryan has turned into the mother hen of the group and I’ve had about enough quality time with these people.

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