“Thintervention” recap 1.1: No cheeseburgers, vedgies


Jackie Wisdom: "Workouts are not painful, they are pleasure. We have to reframe what you think is pleasure and what you think is pain."

Mandy and her husband are really happy together and I have a feeling they might be swingers. They love their shared morning baths and have two sons and everyone is just really swell.

Homework Assignment #1: Clear all sugar out of your household. Sugar is an additive in pretty much everything in your home. You will be cranky for a few days but then won’t crave it as much.

With the homework assignment given, Jackie warns Nikki she can’t have her evening cocktails. Upon hearing this suggestion, Nikki decides she and Jackie need to have a heart-to-heart because she has to keep her liquor cabinet stocked in case guests come over. Basically she’s sassy and British and reminds me of Edina Monsoon. Also, she seems to only hang out with gay men. When you hang with gay men you need to keep the vodka chilled and stocked, this is a fact, so you really can’t blame Nikki.

Daily Challenge: Walk/run/trot/jog/skip/grapevine/Hava Nagila for two miles.

Jackie surprises the contestants at their homes to see how well they’ve been doing with their challenges. Some seem to have stepped it up, while others can’t even seem to get their personal chefs to make something healthy. (Jeana I am looking at you!) Warner assures Jeana and her chef that they will find some great recipes in Jackie’s new book, This is Why You’re Fat. I have the book – I’ll fill all of you darling readers in on whatever might be delicious and what gets my gag reflex going.


Jackie gives some recommendations of foods to eat: cottage cheese, two eggs with yolk, oatmeal, free range chicken the portion size of your palm, at least two large bottles of water with a dash of lemon juice and that’s about it. I’m losing weight just looking at that menu.

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