“True Blood” mini-cap 3.11 “Fresh Blood”


We’re only one episode away from the finale, so we have a ton of questions that need answering in a very short amount of time. Should Sookie trust Bill or Eric? Will Eric die by Russell’s hand? Will we ever see the Queen get down with Hadley?

Well this week, we still aren’t sure, but yet we watch, hoping and wishing, and thinking that maybe, if V were real, we’d give it a go if that meant we could be in touch with our dead ancestors and get really good at sports.

Bill senses Sookie’s danger and shows up at Fangtasia. Pam insists she’s not there, but that she had came by uninvited "I don’t think she wants you anymore," Pam said. Bill doesn’t take this well. "Get a clue, Bill, I’m not the enemy," Pam tells him. "This is not just about your relationship, you infatuated Tween. There’s a bigger picture." Not for Bill, though, who then throws her to the floor. But she comes prepared with her own silver spray. Sorry Bill! Didn’t get you get the memo? Pam is fierce. 


In the basement, Sookie begins hearing thoughts of a foreign woman. It’s Yvetta, who traipses down the stairs to help free her fellow human. "I thought you were on Eric’s team," Sookie says as Yvetta undoes the chains. Yvetta says she hates him "and that bitch Pam." "You’re preaching to the choir!" Sookie says. "Get me out of this hole!"


They find Pam on top of Bill and Yvetta is able to secure Pam in a silver chain. Bill seems to be recovering OK so Sookie takes the silver spray to Pam’s face and threatens her with it. She wants to know why she was put in the basement. "You were supposed to be a gift for Edgington. Now we’re all going to die because of you, you freaky little human."


Bill says they have to leave before Eric gets back. "Don’t leave me alone with this idiot immigrant!" Pam pleads. "Idiot?" Yvetta says with a laugh. "I am cardiologist!"

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