“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 49-51


Julia/Mariana (and Armando – unfortunately)

Julia and Mariana have moved on from cuddling on the patio to making breakfast and arguing over how they prefer their eggs cooked. Did these two even have a honeymoon stage?

Hernan arrives just in time to join them. He tells Mariana that he’s brought her a gift. Even though he’s super busy trying to save the world, he still has time to drop by a bookstore to pick up some relevant literary titles.

He hands Mariana a copy of Utopia by Thomas More. And shows them the book he bought for himself: The New Homosexuality: The Homosexual Experience. If it says “homosexual” in the title more than once it has to be double the gay. Since Hernan is a busy man, I imagine he figured this would make him Officially Cultured in the ways of Gay in half the time.

Hernan: And after that, I passed by a gay store. I was going to pick up a gay magnet for you.

I half expect Hernan to show up one episode wearing a vest with some pride flare on it:

Also, I totally have that shirt.

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