Angie Harmon loves The Gays


Angie Harmon wants us to know something very important: She loves gay people, and vodka. But mostly gay people.

The Rizzoli & Isles star who is one of Hollywood’s outspoken conservative voices appeared on Chelsea Lately to clear up a little detail about her politics. She told E! late night host Chelsea Handler that one of her best gay friends told her that “Since I had come out and said I was a Republican, I needed to come out and tell people that I like gay people.” So there you have it. Angie Harmon likes us, she really likes us. See for yourself.


Now, we could get into a detailed discussion about the dichotomy of being friendly with gay people while voting for politicians who support gay unfriendly policies. And we could get into heated argument about, as Chelsea put it, whether gay people who are Republicans need to “wake the f–k up.” But mostly I’m just happy that the star of the gayest non-gay show in television has no problem with The Gays, personally.

I also want to say how much I commend Angie’s summer routine, which is apparently to “drink and have a good time and eat — and love gay people.” You could do worse with your summer than spend it with gays and vodka, a lot worse.

Sadly, Chelsea didn’t grill Angie further on her gay activism, or her show’s gay proclivities. Someone needs to tell her about the legions of lesbian fans who eat up the chemistry (and subtext) between her and Sasha Alexander every week. Speaking of subtext, did I tell you Jane teaches Maura how to hold a gun on tonight’s episode? Yeah, it’s just as hot as it sounds — possibly more.

As Chelsea herself said: “The show is called Rizzoli & Isles it’s on Mondays at 10 and if you’re gay you should watch it.” Listen to the woman, she is not wrong.

Note: You asked for it, so now you’ve got it: I’ll be doing Rizzoli & Isles subtext recaps from here on out. So come back tomorrow to talk about all the meaningful glances and, of course, that gun.

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