The “Bad Girls Club” loves lesbians


Oxygen’s reality series Bad Girls Club doesn’t pretend to be anything other than what it is: it’s a group of self-proclaimed “bad girls” brought together to live in a house and for cameras to catch all hell breaking loose. A few lesbian and bisexual housemates have been scattered throughout the seasons, including last season’s Flo, but this time around, stripper Brandi is the resident gay girl.

Last night’s episode, “Talking Smack,” focused on Gay Pride Week in Miami, which coincided with Brandi’s first hook-up. It began with the girls going to a lesbian night in Miami called Love/Hate.

In the promo for the episode, you can catch a quick glimpse of what went on.


Brandi works her magic on the club’s pole, while straight blond Kristen is upset that no lesbians are hitting on her. “I just want attention, I want someone to think I’m f—–g pretty!” She thought she’d walk up in the place and be the hottest girl there, but no dice. Sorry, Kristen, we also come equipped with gaydar.

While smoking outside, Brandi meets a woman with massive cleavage who says she was a cop for eight years. Her name is Elisa, and even Kristen approves of her. Brandi says there’s “nothing nicer than a beautiful woman with nice boobs” and gets her number.

Meanwhile, a new roommate, Kayleigh, moves in and says she “dabbles” in both sexes, having slept with girls since she was 13. “I love lesbians!” she says and is glad to find out Brandi is the house gay.

Brandi calls Elisa and invites her out to the club that night, telling all the roommates she’s bringing her home tonight. “I can’t wait. I’m so sexually frustrated!” she tells the camera. At the lesbian club, Kayleigh says, “I want some boys!” Well her dabbling seems to be over — at least for now.

Elisa comes on screen and her description is, “Brandi’s fling thing.” Brandi says she’s more interested in getting to know Elisa in the bedroom than anything else, and that she wants to know “what her sex faces look like.”

Soon, they’re back in Brandi’s bedroom playing with handcuffs before taking to the hot tub (where else?) where it is make out time.

“The only good thing about being a lesbian would be borrowing each others’ clothes,” Kristen tells the camera. “And knowing someone who knows how to do hair and makeup. So if you want to go out but are like ‘I don’t want to do my hair,’ they’ll do your hair. So maybe that’s why people are lesbians.” She obviously hasn’t heard of butches.

Elisa loses her voice while going into the confessional room with Brandi. But, before long, she’s screaming, “I love your mouth” while getting down in the bedroom. Yeah, they are having sex.

The next morning, Elisa does the walk of shame, likely to never be heard from again.

Erica asks Brandi how lesbians do it: “Is it just fisting?” Brandi tells her they used vibrators on each other and “she was, like, choking me out.” I’m not even sure what that means.

Later, the girls are invited to be on a float at Gay Pride, which they gleefully accept, dressing in tiny leotards and tutus and screaming out their acceptance on a bullhorn.

This is where the gay ends and the regular drama begins. Unfortunately, Brandi is at the center of it all, which is the least positive lesbian visibility that the episode had to offer, which is kind of shocking considering she used the term “choked me out.”

Brandi’s temper seems to be the focus of her storyline on the show, so I won’t be surprised if this was the token “lesbian” episode that the series tends to air. Though, in this case, perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad.

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