“Weeds” 6.2 mini-cap: Hello, Newmans


Previously on Weeds: Shane whacked Pilar — literally. The Botwins took to the road yet again, headed for parts unknown. Nobody is happy about it except Shane, who is semi-giddy at his foul deed. I bet this is how Dexter Morgan got started.

Before we look at this week’s episode, “Felling and Swamping,” take a look at what Weeds creator Jenji Kohan has to say about the Botwin family. (If you still haven’t seen Episode 1, beware of spoilers.)

The Botwins have a destination: Canada. I love Canada. I haven’t been to the western part, where the Botwins want to go, but I know it’s as awesome as the eastern part. And last time I was in the eastern part — Prince Edward Island, to be exact — the only thing that got me back on the boat to leave was that I didn’t have my kitties with me.

In other words, good choice — maybe the only good choice we’ve seen on Weeds. Not that it will turn out well.

Silas still is in the van, but not on board. He’s tired of running. I wish I had a clip of the scene in which Nancy offers to let him go out on his own. Hunter Parrish does an amazing job showing the struggle between wanting to escape the madness and still needing his family. When he closes the van door while still inside, we all die a little inside.

Getting into Canada poses a dilemma.

I love the border guard — smiling politely the whole time she’s calling the Botwins on their s–t. So Canadian.

Then Nancy gets a voice mail (in the midst of several from Esteban wanting to know where she’s taken his son) from the FBI, saying that they want to question her about Pilar’s death when she returns from “vacation.” When the FBI calls, of course, you have only one choice: to ditch the cell phone. (I’m not sure why they haven’t ditched the van yet; maybe it’s registered to Audra.)

Andy is an expert at how to get “off the grid” and leads the family in a lesson in getting a new identity. The Botwins are no more; meet the Newman family: Shawn, Randy, Nathalie, Mike and Avi.

Randy even gets to use his rabbinical training to hold an ad hoc ceremony of burial for the Botwins and blessing of the Newmans. I suspect, however, that the Botwins will not rest in peace.

This episode of Weeds still had quite a bit of narrative, but I like where the story is going. Season 6 already is miles better than Season 5.

Next week, Linda Hamilton!

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