“True Blood” mini-cap 3.10 “I Smell a Rat”


Sookie is so not thrilled that she’s a "f—–g lame" fairy. She likes it even less when Bill says they are also called "aliens" sometimes and also enjoyed raping humans. Bill, that’s not something you say to a girl. "You are an alien rapist" is right next to "I’ve had better" or "Yes, you do look fat in those pants" on the list of Do Not Discuss.

But when she asks Bill how he knows this piece of information, he tells her how he met Claudine and got the details, like the fact that fairy blood tastes "so delicious" to vampires. Sookie asks if that’s why he loves her so much and he claims it’s not, though he was surely drawn to her because of it.

One thing I want to know is why no vampire questioned their draw to Sookie in the first place, then, if "every supernatural being" Bill says he’s ever met knows fairies have delicious blood. You’d think they’d also be aware of their mind-reading powers, too, and have figured Sookie out by now.

Anyway, Bill manages to convince Sookie that he loves her for who she is, not how orgasmic her blood is and it works — for now.

Bill says he’ll never feed on her again if she needs convincing that he loves her and not her blood. But she obviously enjoys his bites on the neck, and she doesn’t say "OK — keep those fangs away from my veins."

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