Lesbian Hooters waitress will compete on “America’s Next Top Model”


Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model will have aspiring catwalkers vying for the cover of Italian Vogue come September, meaning this season is all about high fashion and the competition is fierce. The contestants have just been announced and one of them is gay Hooters waitress Kayla.

Here’s her introduction interview:

As you can see, Kayla has done some modeling in Chicago (“mostly small runways at clubs”) and is also recovering from a loose disc (a soccer injury — she’s played the sport for nine years). She says she loves wearing heels and thinks that gives her an advantage over some of the other girls who might not be used to it.

19-year-old Kayla has a live-in-girlfriend and is totally out, but tells Us Magazine she wasn’t sure how the other girls in the house would receive her.

(For a larger version of the image above, click here.)

The only other info we have on her so far is that she’s 5’9″, she’d “never wear overalls,” and she loves Stella McCartney. Oh, and if she were trapped on a desert island, she’d bring her cell phone. Not her girlfriend?

Here’s hoping we’ll get to learn more about her relationship with her girlfriend and that she fares better than past lesbian contestants have in the house, both in the competition and with not cheating on her girlfriend cough Kim Stolz cough.

Tune in to the premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 8.

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