“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”


I love how dramatic this episode started out. Eric bursts into Fangtasia to find Pam and tells her he "staked the lover of Russell Edgington" yelling at her "Where can we go?!" Pam suggests Sookie’s but Eric shoots her down.

Ginger walks into the room. Considering Pam is in her bra and Ginger isn’t looking super trashtastic tonight, it’s possible they just got it on. Anyway, Pam tells Ginger they need her house. Ginger asks if it’s because of the V Feds. Uh oh.

They walk out of the office, Pam having put on a pink velour sweatshirt, and there is Nan Flanagan the HBIC (Head Bitch in Charge) of the AVL (American Vampire League).

Eric tells her the bar is closed and she says she’s already eaten — "True Blood only, of course." Mhm. She’s there to Silver Eric’s ass for something but he’s done so much wrong, we don’t know what he’s getting taken down for yet. Was it for staking a lover?

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