“Las Aparicio” recap: Episodes 43-45



Rafaela continues her on-going chess game with Leonardo in an effort to figure out what he’s up to and what he wants.


Alma just can’t quit Leonardo. No matter how little she trusts him. Poor Alejandro. He still hopes to get her in the end.


Mercedes finally gives in to Claudio’s advances and they sleep together in his office. But that doesn’t mean she trusts him with her heart.


Well, Mariana got the girl, sort of, but is it happily ever after? Of course not. Everyone knows that the moment a lesbian is happy on television the Earth will cave into itself and unleash unimaginable horrors upon the land (some who watch The Real L Word will claim that this has already happened).

And so, while these two should, by all accounts, be rolling around naked in bed, they are, instead, processing the return of Hernan (Mariana’s long lost father). Mariana feels scared because even though she doesn’t know Hernan, it’s like he knows a part of her that she herself doesn’t know. Julia tells her that there’s no part of her that should ever scare her.

Mariana then says maybe she should get some sleep and Julia says she’s going to sleep on the futon because things between them are still complicated and sleeping beside each other might lead to X-rated things like snuggling and hair-braiding.

But kissing is okay.

The next day, Julia shows up at Mariana’s bearing groceries and good news. The good news is that Isadora (Mercedes’ daughter) is out of the hospital.

Julia: She came out without an appendix but happy.

Mariana: Take me to the hospital.

Julia: What? You too? Do you feel sick or what?

Mariana: I want to see if I come out without Hernan but happy.

The topic shifts to Mariana’s mother, whom Mariana was supposed to talk to about Hernan’s return. But Mariana says that once she heard her mother’s voice she couldn’t bring herself to raise the topic.

Mariana says Hernan checked into a motel, and Julia thinks that might be a good thing, to have him around but sort of far away at the same time, but Mariana looks undecided. But before the conversation can continue, the phone rings.

Every time Julia’s phone rings, a piece of Mariana’s soul shrivels up and dies. Or maybe it’s just my soul.

Anyway, we already know who it is because Mariana and Julia aren’t allowed to exchange more than three lines of dialogue without what’s his face interrupting. So we’re not at all surprised when Julia moves away into the terrace to answer the phone.

Armando has fallen butt-first into the Pit of Despair because he’s been kicked off the soccer team and Bad Stuff Is Happening To Him. And Julia’s like, “What happened?” But Armando doesn’t go into details, just says, “DON’T BELIEVE WHAT THEY SAY! IT IS ALL LIES! LIES!”

But really what this scene is about is to warn us that ARMANDO IS COMING BACK TO RUIN MARIANA’S ONE AND A HALF SECONDS OF HAPPINESS. My theory is that Mariana is secretly be the female version of Angel and we’re not supposed to know this yet.

But there’s no chance of Mariana losing her soul quite yet because she’s not happy at all about Julia answering Armando’s call. Julia apologizes but the bigger issue – for Mariana – is that Julia didn’t tell him about their relationship. Julia says it’s because whatever’s between them isn’t very clear yet and he’s in a crisis.

Mariana: You didn’t tell him in order to protect him. To take care of him. Whatever it is that’s happening between us you didn’t want to tell him about in order to protect your boy. So instead, why don’t you just take care of me?

Julia: Okay, I’m just going to shut up. I’m sorry.

Mariana: You know it’s like that guy never left. He’s still standing right here between us. Just like Hernan.

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