“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”


Lorena and Sookie are still necking, but not in the way we might have hoped.

Lorena tells Sookie she’s delicious. "I’ve never tasted anything like you! What are you?"

Sookie: "I’m the bitch that’s gonna kill you." And she’s so distracted, Bill is able to grab her with a silver chain on her neck and pull her to the floor.

Bill tells Sookie to "do it" so she stakes Lorena, which causes massive amounts of goo and blood to fall back onto Bill and he is suddenly unable to prove he’s alive.

Cue Sookie screaming. Luckily, Tara and Alcide pull up with a truck and bust in, trying to get Sookie to get a move on. She won’t leave without her vamp, so they wrap him up in a tarp, which makes him a "vampire burrito" for Deb, who comes in with her skank outfit still strapped on and a gun in hand.

Alcide calls Debbie sweetheart, which pisses her off but she’s really thinking about all the V wasting away on the floor, which Sookie hears and yells, "Don’t you think about it bitch!"

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