Ryan Murphy and Jane Lynch discuss “Glee” season 2


Asked at Monday night’s afterparty at the Santa Monica Pier what she thought of the Brittany-Santana pairing, Lynch said: “I think they are sexually malleable.”

And Sue’s sexuality? Murphy was blunt: “I like that Jane Lynch is promiscuous on the show. I think that no man can tame her.” OK, no man, but what about a woman? “I haven’t talked about that with Jane but I think that Sue is straight although I think she’s a couple glasses of red wine and then you don’t know with Sue.”

Added Lynch, later: “I think she’d be what ever it takes to get power.”

As for spoilers on Season 2, Murphy noted that Sue will be “meaner than ever.” “This season she’s on a bender particularly in the first five episodes. We’re doing a religion episode where the kids sing songs about spirituality and she has a real bee in her bonnet about the separation of church and state, which I think is a real logical and real thing for Jane’s character to talk about and we find out why she thinks that.”

Lynch, meanwhile, will be setting her sights someone other than Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison). “I have this new female football coach that I’m really out to destroy and I get awful. I find what her Achilles heel is and run with it; she has a heart and I try to crush it,” she said.

And what will Sue “C” this season? A Sue Sylvester book, of course. “One of the things that we’re in the process of doing is we’re going to have Jane Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester write her own autobiography and then have Jane on the show talk about ‘My book is almost finished’ and then go out on a book tour and sign as Sue Sylvester,” Murphy said.

Added Lynch: “I think it’s great, I can’t wait to read them. Anything in the hands of [co-creator, writer, exec producer] Ian Brennan is going to be brilliant.”

As for a potential political episode possibly surrounding gay marriage, Murphy liked the idea but said he didn’t have anything planned. “That’s a great idea. I think that I would love to tackle that in the future but I haven’t thought about how.”

When it comes to Emmy night, Murphy will most likely be sporting Tom Ford, but there’s a slim chance he may be wearing Sue Sylvester: “I begged the other executive producers to all wear track suits and go as Sue Sylvester. So far they’re all saying they’ll think about that. And I thought, ‘Wait a minute, when did I get so brave?!’ But that’s my dream — that we walk in together as Sue Sylvester.”

One thing is certain though — the success hasn’t changed Lynch at all, despite occasional splurges. “I had a long-distance relationship until I got married,” she said. “And flying first class to Sarasota, Fla. was my biggest splurge.”

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