TCA Liveblog: “The Event,” “Undercovers,” “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” “Facing Kate,” Outlaw,” and “Chase”


3:30 p.m. Chase

In the new action show about U.S. Marshalls, Kelli Giddish plays Annie Frost, a Texan with a talent for chasing down the best of criminals. Giddish’s co-star is someone we know well: Rose Rollins.

Rose said she plays “Daisy, aka Hurricane. I balance out the Chatterbox over here, which is Marco, because I am a woman of few words. I am the tactical specialist. I come from a tight knit family, second generation Nigerian.”

And it’s true — in the pilot, even when Rose is on screen, she’s not saying much. But I feel like her role will grow as the show goes on and establishes itself. Also Executive Producer Jennifer Johnson says we’ll see a friendship unfold between Annie and Lucy and “learn a secret” about Annie.

I asked Rose if she knows her character’s romantic situation and she said there hasn’t been any development in that area as of yet.

I don’t know yet — that’s the fun part. We kind of go episode by episode so each episode we learn things about ourselves. We know general directions but overall, little details, but hopefully. I’d like a little action!

She said about her lesbian fans:

One of the producers told me they get a lot of mail just saying they’re excited to see me on the show and can’t wait to see what the show’s about. I think they’ll like it. I think I won’t fall too far from the tree, and I still hold a gun.

3:15 p.m. Outlaw

Last week I told you that Carly Pope plays bisexual on the new NBC series Outlaw, so I had to find out from her how much the bisexuality is a part of her role as Lucinda, the private investigator.

I think the thing about Lucinda is she keeps her cards close to her chest. I think in terms of that comment in the pilot, it’s more about playing with him and teasing Eddie than it is about a declaration of where she’s coming from. Also, we’re only going to get to know her very slowly, so we’ll start to see more and more how things turn out with her and where she’s coming from. The thing that makes her more intriguing is that you don’t know much about her.

This made me think of someone else — someone on CBS who also has a penchant for mystery, leather jackets and a name ending in -inda: Kalinda from The Good Wife. Pope said she hasn’t seen the show but, “I’ve heard that. A lot of people have said that to me.”

I wasn’t giving up. If Carly didn’t know about Lucinda’s sexuality, perhaps executive producer David Kissinger would.

I think she’s a very playful character that likes to create mystery around herself so I don’t think we will know. She may well be [bisexual].

As far as romantic interests, he’s also not sure. “Not in the early episodes.”

And does he watch The Good Wife?

I don’t.

I’m pretty sure this show is all about Jimmy Smitts and everyone else is secondary. I’ll keep my eye on Lucinda in the meantime, just in case they decide to follow through with her fleeting statement of “I’m bi” to her co-worker in the pilot episode.

A reporter here noted that Carly’s father is involved with the law in real life and asked if it was part of her taking interest in the product. She did say that while growing up, his profession helped her learn more about the law, but mostly, it was about the show itself.

It’s a really refreshing take on a legal drama. The writing was phenomenal, the cast they assembled is great — I thought it was a formula I’d like to be a part of.

Executive producer John Eisendrath calls her “the most lawless character on the show.” So no matter what, she’ll be fun to watch.

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