Linda Hamilton signs on as Mrs. B. and other “Chuck” news


Linda Hamilton is getting busy.

I know, I know — you wish she were getting busy with you. We all do.

On the heels of learning that Hamilton will play a lesbian drug dealer on Weeds this season, we got news that she will play a role near and dear to our hearts: Chuck and Ellie’s mom, Mary Bartowski.

During a press conference at Comic-Con, Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz said that his choice of Hamilton actually was inspired by fan suggestions. (Apparently, Schwartz didn’t read, since we favored Lena Olin, but no argument here.) Hamilton got wind of an online campaign for her to play Mama B and she called Schwartz to say, “I hear I’m Chuck’s mom?” Schwartz responded in the only way one can respond to Sarah Connor: “Yes, ma’am.” Good answer.

“Linda Hamilton lives in the universe of this show — she’s such an icon in terms of action female badass mom, which really speaks to what we’re doing,” Schwartz said.

In other words, the geeks of the world — me included — love her.

Hamilton will be in the Chuck season opener and make appearances throughout the season, as Chuck learns about the secret life she led after she abandoned the family. Being a spy and CIA agent is, apparently, just the beginning. Mom’s story will be central to the entire season.

A new element of Team Bartowski will make life interesting this season: Each week a new kickass CIA operative will manage Buy More (now owned by the CIA) and will always have the alias “Greta,” regardless of gender. On board so far to play Greta so far are Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa and geek icon of another kind Olivia Munn.

Chuck co-creator Chris Fedak promises that we’ll finally see smooth sailing for Chuck and Sarah this season. Even though the cast enjoyed working with Brandon Routh (Shaw) last season, nobody else will get in between the love spies. That’s great news for everyone except Heather Hogan, who’s been waiting three seasons for Agent Sarah Walker to crawl into her arms for comfort.

Chuck Season 4 premiers September 20 at 8 p.m. ET. If you still haven’t caught up on Season 3, watch for the DVD release September 7.

Will Linda Hamilton make an awesome Mama Bartowski? What are you hoping to see on the next season of Chuck?

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