“True Blood” gets graphic


Oh, Comic-Con, you make me so very happy. Along with all the Buffyness and Dollhouseship and general Gay Bad-Assery, you have brought me yet another joyous surprise: a True Blood comic book.

Now we can take Pam and Yvetta and Queen Sophie Ann with us wherever we go — assuming they show up in the comic storyline, of course. And I am assuming that, Alan Ball. Don’t let me down.

CNN caught up with Ball, True Blood’s creator, at Comic-Con, to ask him about the book. He said that the story is independent of the HBO series, but is true to the mythology of the show. Here’s the interview:


The “new creature” shows up while Sookeh and her gory gang are waiting out a storm at Merlotte’s. Sookie, in her special psychic friend way, feels trouble coming. But instead of telling you, let me show you. Oh, did I not mention we have a preview of the first few pages of Issue 1?


This isn’t True Blood’s first print form, of course, since the show is based on Charlaine Harris’ books. But I think a comic book is a natural medium for the series, especially since the stories and characters won’t be limited to what’s in the show. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it.

Are you thirsty for more True Blood? Will the new comic be on your pull list?

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