“Pretty Little Liars” recap (1.07): The devil has a name and it’s Boo Radley van Cullen


Ain’t no party like a gloved hand party ’cause a gloved hand party don’t stop! You thought A’s Risen Mitten had maxed out on sinister when it painted the Rosewood population sign down one person? Oh ho — no, my friends! A’s Risen Mitten stirs the waters of the Bermuda Triangle. A’s Risen Mitten snapped the photos from Loch Ness. A’s Risen Mitten pulled the trigger on JFK. A’s Risen Mitten scattered the Roanoke Colony, inked the shroud of Turin, snatched Hoffa’s body, and caused the Big Bang with a single clap. A’s Risen Mitten controls the flow of the Rosewood River and from within its depths she has summoned and retrieved — wait for it — Boo Radley van Cullen’s file … from his therapist.

I conducted an informal Twitter poll before last night’s episode because I want to know who you think is the prettiest Pretty Little Liar. Answers were mixed, but Spencer and Gilbert Blythe had the strongest showing.

Of course, not everyone could participate.

And not everyone wanted to.

So now I am going to conduct a formal, fully-sanctioned poll.


Results in next week’s recap!

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