Mary-Louise Parker makes Linda Hamilton an indecent proposal in the new “Weeds” trailer


The Botwins are back! Or should I say, the Nelsons. The first extended trailer for the new season of Weeds are out and it features everything you could want in a trailer: underage murderers, new identifies, Shane hairdos, Linda Hamilton, cunnilingus offers and, yes, weed — or hash if we want to get all technical.

The season 6 trailer shows the Botwins on the run after an unfortunate cricket accident. The family then runs into a friendly neighborhood lesbian drug dealer played by Linda. Take a look.


Holy hashish, Botwins. Where to start? First, Linda playing the conveniently named eco-friendly lesbian marijuana grower Linda, who along with her (so far unseen) partner Fiona helps Nancy get established in their new home. Though there seems to be some friendly negotiation over the down, ahem, payment. See what I did there? Linda sure did.

Second, is it just me or is Nancy looking very Shane today? Though, I guess after her business proposal to Linda, McCutcheon hair just comes naturally.

I don’t know about you, but I sure hope when Linda takes up Nancy on that offer, she’ll ask her to wear the Shane wig as a part of the arrangement. Joking — mostly joking.

The new season of Weeds premieres August 16 on Showtime. Are you excited to meet the “normal Newmans?”

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